10 Nail Art Fails That Should Have NEVER Left The House

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The most epic nail art fails make us shudder. Some are intricate designs that went wrong when an amateur tried a DIY approach, and others are shockingly done by people who call themselves professionals. If you’re ready to have a laugh at the worst nail art ever, then step this way for 10 Nail Art Fails that Should Never Have Left the House.

Certain nail art techniques are admittedly difficult to master. So perhaps these people should have realized their skill level didn’t match the task at hand. You’ll see the disastrous results of marbling nail art gone wrong, and polka dot nails that look like a tin of paint has been splattered all over them.

Lots of us would love to wear our favorite characters on our nails, but that doesn’t mean we have the ability to do it ourselves. Once you’ve seen the horror of Disney nail art gone awry, you’ll never look at Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in the same way again. And as for Star Wars nail art, let’s just say Darth Vader would not approve of these Storm Troopers.

From cactus nail art to watermelon nail art, drawing pictures on your nails is incredibly tricky. And sticking things on them is fraught with danger too, as these diamante nails, caviar manicure, and 3D pearl manicure fails prove.

Watch our video to discover 10 nail art fails that should never have left the house, including the most awful attempt at holographic nails, and tell us in comments which you think is the worst!

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  1. Ashley Roth says:

    The intricate bead work is the most difficult

  2. Wtf ok the holo… The expiation must of been the dust stuff you rub on ur nail and the realty is just glitter polish

  3. No hate but it is chrome wath simplynaillogical it is not holo


  5. Who here is a holosexual

  6. Deby Selever says:

    Who else here is not teen

  7. This video triggered me so much

  8. 11: 15 Selena Quintanilla movie

  9. At 5:04 it is soooooo funny lol

  10. I'm painting my nails while watching this…

  11. Meredith Wai says:

    I think half of these are bad because these kids have no equipment and they're nails are short af

  12. Your not a armature for doing theses and fail your a armature

  13. precisely Does anybody hear worse than this versitq lmao

  14. pearl odogbo says:

    Who else thinks that the fails of the bead nails are actually cute or is it just me

  15. Mia James says:


  16. Holly Green says:

    The beads sound simple because they are simple. And does not take over 2 hours!

  17. Um, this is why I only paint my nails one color each

  18. since I was seven I've never had any trouble pulling off the latest nail designs and my auntie thought they were stickers. I actually came here to find some new designs but the one thing I hate is marbling. It just takes so much effort and wasted polish if it comes out wrong.

  19. Giitchy Goo says:

    … that was granite not water marble…


  21. How on earth does this channel get 1K likes in just a minute?

  22. Can I have 5 likes for nothing please

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