13 BEAUTY HACKS With Vaseline!! MUST KNOW!


HEY GUYS!!! whats up?! even though i am very sick i still filmed this beauty hacks using Vaseline only. i hope honestly that it helps u in any way shape or form! i hope you like it and if you did then PLS GIVE ME A HUGE THUMBS UP AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL 🙂
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Vaseline: http://www.amazon.ca/Vaseline-Original-Petroleum-Jelly-375g/dp/B003M5KZRS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1452976387&sr=8-1&keywords=vaseline

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  1. Such a beautiful, lovely girl! Smart too! Her Vaseline hacks are brilliant! I'm so excited to know that there's others who appreciate this product!

    Vaseline plumps up fine lines too. Applied before bed, around the lips & eyes, it acts as a barrier to trap hydration. When you wake up & remove it, the effect will last for hours! It's temporary, but still … If you apply a layer to your lips before bed, you'll wake with fully hydrated, primed lips! It softens & loosens any flakes of dead skin, making it so easy to exfoliate with gentle rubbing! Any cracks or chapping will also be repaired. It works wonders for the area above the upper lip chapping that will totally heal overnight! If your tan is peeling or your peel is taking forever to slough dead skin, you can hasten the process by applying Vaseline as a mask – it will make it easy to exfoliate in the morning.
    Applied to the temples, ears etc before dyeing your hair will make it easier to prevent staining of adjacent skin.

    Applying to the face before outdoor activities in cold weather will prevent chapping – Heel cracks, rough skin – it's a miracle product! The list of uses is endless!

    I'm old & I've been using Vaseline hacks since childhood! I literally can't sleep unless I Vaseline my lips – I take a tube with me when travelling! Especially because I get fillers & sometimes there's scabby bumps! The Vaseline keeps the crusty scabs from forming.
    Another little known fact, is that Vaseline will hasten the progress of a zit! A layer will bring the pimple to a head much sooner ( yes, you'll still have a zit that will get worse before it gets better ),. It can then be aseptically incised & drained without squeezing ( which will cause cellulitis & scarring, ( you'll avoid producing that dark patch where the zit once was that takes years to fade ), seeding of the bacteria can enter the adjacent areas potentiating additional zits to form )
    Some will claim petroleum based products are harmful! That's a myth! Hospitals stock Vaseline on in-patient wards – obviously it's NOT harmful

  2. Nyuwina Chim says:

    Excuse me,do you know how to not expiry date in vaseline lips therapy rosy lips?

  3. Tracy Marie says:

    Can you use Vaseline in the Loreal brown stylist gel?

  4. How do u get the Vaseline out of your make up brushes?

  5. i use  vaseline on my face for hours wen i dont have to go out & my face feels so nice and soothing ….

  6. Sara Hassan says:

    I have the Some parfume

  7. Hashir Ahmad says:

    you are so pretty & nice voice …..
    I like U

  8. Fatima Sow says:

    Oh wow the lipstick on teeth is something i experience sometimes, thanks!!

  9. I love vaseline too – thank you!

  10. kaur naryal says:

    sweeeet….. thanx… baby

  11. Why does she sound like Karina Garcia to me.

  12. Jennesa G says:

    honestly she is so beautiful without makeup on!

  13. Fenfang Li says:

    I don't have vaseline, could i use lotion? plea let me know

  14. Mary Idewa says:

    I love your make up

  15. Aubrey C says:

    Vaseline also clears pores, and many other skin health issues

  16. why do some people say that Vaseline darkness your lips?

  17. Mel ReyRey says:

    why do you wear makeup you're hella pretty

  18. Saira Sayed says:

    Looking like bollywood actress bipasha basuoo

  19. Didu Sharma says:

    the last hack seems very useful to me. thanks.

  20. i thought everybody kne hack #4 lol

  21. Cinta Shyna says:

    I'm the big fans of vasline when I knew it from over 15 years ago that vasline is best till now I used it even my skin got irritation I just used it and all be fine sooner

  22. Aleesa Malla says:

    Have you done your lip surgery?

  23. I am looking forward to put some Vaseline on my lips and eyelashes. thank you for this great beauty hack video ❤

  24. Lee says:

    U can grow your hair too?

  25. Aneja Ivanus says:

    Is it okay to use any kind of vaseline?

  26. Miss Cute says:


  27. I realy like it even i have used your methods

  28. She's so pretty with or without makeup

  29. for real Vaseline ever creases down to your grid Vaseline do it all you give me more strength to use Vaseline thank you

  30. Rohini Dev says:

    u have very gud features… blessed u r. .

  31. I didn't know before
    This is amazing I'm gonna try it

  32. OMG! She smiles like the Ms. Universe Pia.

  33. Faeza Khan says:

    i love her lips

  34. 613 TRA says:

    Thank you so much, I loved it 🙂

  35. abdul rahim says:

    without makeup u r good

  36. Ana Ion says:

    you look very diferent without make up. but you are beatifull both ways.

  37. mam plz tell me hindi u r so beautiful mam

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