33 Celebrities Without Makeup


Celebrities Without Makeup here is our list of 33 famous faces but without makeup scary stuff. This list of hollywood actresses, Victoria’s Secret Angels, models etc

without makeup is amazing check it out

1. At the top of our list for celebrities without makeup we start with these two pictures. How could cosmetics make Jennifer’s waist look so much smaller. She looks

kind of white trashy without her makeup.

2. Anne Hathaway really isn’t known for her beauty, but you have to give her some credit. She doesn’t look that much different without makeup before or after.

3. JWOWW is a reality TV star that deserves some credit. She really looks the same with and without makeup. She is really shaming the Kardashians.

4. Oh, wow! Kelly Clarkson really looks different without her makeup. She should thank god every day that American Idol was invented. Makeup as done makeup miracles on


5. This singer/songwriter looks like a tomboy without her makeup. It is a good thing that she is well liked in the music industry, otherwise she would be in trouble in


6. Give it up for Demi Lovato. Here is another star that really doesn’t look that bad without her mask on. She does look better with makeup, but not too bad without


7. This former Miss Teen USA doesn’t look too much different with or without makeup. Looks like Nick Lachey actually came out better since him and Jessica Simpson

broke up, because Jessica looks horrible without makeup.

8. Wow, thank goodness that money can buy looks. Instead of running around like a bunch of idiots, the Kardashian’s could just go on their reality show without makeup

and they would probably get the highest ratings ever.

9. Tyra Banks is widely known for her modeling career, she is even the host of “America’s Next Top Model.” Without her makeup her face has the shape of a hot air

balloon. what a makeup transformation

10. It is so amazing what these makeup artists can do. Sofia’s jaws and mouth look like something out of a comic book, but after the artists are done she looks

amazingly hot.

11. Here is another one that you have to give some credit. Katy Perry really doesn’t look that unattractive without her mask on. She looks like a completely different

person with makeup, but she still look kind of cute without it.

12. Kate Moss is another on screen hottie that can make jaws drop, but check her out without her cosmetics. It looks like she might have herpes.

13. Madonna was widely known for her stage antics. It is a good think that make-up exists, otherwise Madonna still just might feel like a virgin.

14. Britney Spears, who was once known as America’s sweetheart, really doesn’t look that sweet without her makeup. She might look better with her head shaved.

15. Goldie Hawn was once a well known hot actress, but she really isn’t doing much these days. She really does not look so good without all of her makeup.

16. You have to give it up for Beyonce, because she really doesn’t look all that different with or without makeup. Her big butt usually draws people attention most of

the time any-ways.

17. This is a shocking transformation. Buffy looks completely different without her makeup. It’s a good thing that make-up was invented or she probably would have never

made it anywhere is her career.

18. Lady Gaga has never been well known for her beauty, but see what she looks like without make-up. It’s a good thing that she causes a lot of controversy with her

outlandish outfits or she probably wouldn’t have much of a career.

19. Penelope Cruz is most definitely a hottie on the big screen. She looks like a completely different person without her makeup. You would probably never know it was


20. This picture of Jennifer Garner isn’t extremely flattering, but we’re sure Jennifer’s eyes are just as gorgeous, with or without makeup. We’re sure Jennifer Garner

is sweetheart in reality.

21. This makeup-less picture of Adele is actually comical. She is definitely aware of the paparazzi and seems like she is trying hide behind grandma crocheted sweater.

There is a positive to this situation though, usually when an artist is caught out looking rough around the edges that means there is amazing music on the way!

22. Katherine looks a little greasy and her hair looks unwashed. She obviously was having a rough day by the looks of this flick. We’re also hoping this a post workout

picture and the paps caught her at the wrong time.

if your enjoying reading about ugly celebs without make then you can watch the rest of the video we have some more no filters or cosmetics pics that you will love

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