6 Year Old Makeup Pro *Make up Look* bellas new makeup look

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hello everyone, thanks for watching this video!
Bella is my sister. She dose not put on makeup everyday. It’s just a game she plays! The only time she puts it on. Is for a tutorials or Halloween!


  1. Amy y says:

    you do know that her mum did it

  2. доиянғшы дəуекен

  3. Angie Hicks says:

    your better then me and im 9 wow

  4. And the fact that this was uploaded in 2011…

  5. she's to young to be wearing makeup

  6. Don Jog says:

    I want to put my dick in her butthole

  7. Your are to little for makeup and ugly with makeup


  9. Awww this is so precious! For anyone hating, it's not like she is wearing concealer or foundation. She is just wearing some eyeshadow for fun. Plus the makeup was MEANT for kids like her so stop hating. This kid is going places.

  10. Alice 1 says:

    She's a SIX year old?
    I'm not even that good, ( I am going to get people so fucking mad at me )

  11. Eri Blue97 says:

    I'll try out this look during Santa clause time

  12. Nurul Iman says:

    Is your name Bella

  13. Badr Rasheed says:


  14. Badr Rasheed says:


  15. Badr Rasheed says:


  16. Badr Rasheed says:

    لەودرۆیەکەئەیکەن هههههه

  17. Badr Rasheed says:

    لەودرۆیەکەئەیکەن هههههه

  18. Gandalf grey says:

    Just i can say shame to her parents-_-

  19. This six year on is better then me

  20. Lost Shadow says:

    I'm concerned about many things here, mainly,
    1: She's a friggin 6 year old

  21. Wow she is amazing at applying make up. And she's only six

  22. Dog Mop says:

    what the hell………..

  23. I'm 12 and I know how much about makeup? How much? Nothing. How much does this six year old know? EVERYTHING

  24. Wow she is already 12

  25. let the children be children and not Fashion addicted… they have all the time to waste thei life with those ridicolous things

  26. Worthy365 says:

    She is beautiful

  27. ItsTynesha says:

    This is great, finally a kids makeup video using kids typed makeup. Wonderful!

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