8 Weird Wipes (Beauty Break)

The set is old, Lily’s hair is purple & Jill is off getting married, so yes, we know, this episode is super old. We weren’t sure if we should even put it up, because do people even care about weird wipes?!? Let us know in the comments below.

And talk to the girls about the episode!


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  1. Tatiana M says:

    I look bad all the time anyway XD smelling bad is a deal breaker

  2. Congratulations jill

  3. "Im already really tan" omg, im not black but am really tanned for real, girls im sorry but you are still white. I was born like…pretty much white, and with time my skin darkened a couple tones.

  4. Mena Deggers says:

    i miss the old set 🙁

  5. Of course guys can use feminine wipes, but women should use feminine ones rather than any kind, because they don't disrupt the pH levels of your vagina

  6. diyandcrafts says:

    Is it just me or did they not show how the tan wipes made Lily's leg look?

  7. Féminin wipes are mostly for when you're actually on your period 😛

  8. Hallie Autin says:

    I'd rather look bad for a date bc if he asks you in a second one your personality win him over.. that and you can always rebound and look better the next time you'd see him

  9. I used the always wipes there good for when it's your time if the month

  10. BluePearl26 says:

    "Would you rather look bad or smell bad?" … well, I'm already both…Like if you agree!

  11. The exfoliating wipes got rid of ALL my acne. It's not the bumps that do it, those are useless. The stuff IN the wipes did it. I did it every night and I felt so refreshed and clean. And there was no more acne!

  12. She didn't show us her legs at the end

  13. Coutney B. says:

    Joslyn I have that tank top OMG

  14. I'd rather look bad

  15. I bet you 100,000,000,000,000,000 dollars clevver won't reply

  16. maison says:

    what ever happened to Spencer

  17. can u guys try the strapless stickys bras

  18. I'm like 4 hours late, but this was a good episode. Great editing, Nicole!

  19. Best Part Of The Day

  20. Techie Dreyn says:

    I'd rather look bad than smell bad. Smelling bad is more indicative of poor hygiene (bad breath, body odor, etc) whereas looking bad is simply a lapse in grooming.

  21. i wanted to see what their legs and arms looked like after using the tan towels lol !!

  22. Megan Jones says:

    Ponds luminous wet towellets changed my life

  23. I don't use wipes, I use toilet paper. I have one pack of makeup wipes that I've had for probably a year now that I got for $1.00 and it's the best wipes I ever got.

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