9 MOST EPIC Red Carpet MAKEUP FAILS! (Dirty Laundry)

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At one point or another, we’ve all left the house with our makeup looking…not so great. Today we take a look at some of the biggest makeup fails celebrities have had on the red carpet — here on Dirty Laundry!

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  1. The grey hair makes that yellow look even worse.

  2. demi lovato was totally ok you senseless people

  3. Yaeres says:

    That damn photo finish powder… invisible in person and on camera, then the flash blows up your spot


  5. Jenna Leigh says:

    I swear, I see the video title and click…..then I see it's this Clevver garbage. there are silica based powders that can reflect light. if you don't know makeup, why judge?

    oh right…this is the "Clevver" channel….the channel for bottom feeding celebrity wannabes to bash legitimately successful people. yawn.

  6. Chill Out says:

    Jolie looks like she got slapped with a bag of flour lol

  7. Ugh poor celebrities. Not gonna lie it was a bit irritating watching the people say they didn't blend but I guess they don't know a lot about makeup to know that… flashback can happen with HD powder or SPF as a base. The makeup artist didn't do anything wrong with blending because no matter how much blending you do with an HD powder it will still give flashback.

  8. stop please says:

    miley had a moustache

  9. Eva says:

    there's nothing wrong with mustache, you guys did it a big deal.

  10. me: saw demi's picture in 2011 biatch what's wrong in here? she fine

  11. The hd translucent powder catches light like that, so tragic next to an orange face/white neck

  12. the last one looks hella creepy ew

  13. skyeblue2 says:

    Demi actually DID have blush and bronzer on. That’s actually her natural non fake tan skin tone. They don’t know how natural makeup works.

  14. Angie Alber says:

    The powder has flash back that's why it's showing in photos not cause it's not blended!!!

  15. Hey! I know Ryland Adams!! Haha I only know him from Shane xD Great video! (:

  16. Skye says:

    Jesus Christ. The people in this video sound so vapid and stupid. I couldn't even fucking finish it.

  17. sandrajulo says:

    Some translucent powders have flashback. In normal light it looks normal but once you take flash photography the power will "flashback"

  18. i think that is after angelina jolie shooting maleficent couse her face is white in maleficent

  19. sara says:

    HD powder does that with flash

  20. Moxie Mom says:

    It's called flashback. It has nothing to do with blending or lighting. It's because the product isn't right for photos.

  21. C rose says:

    why be so fucking rude? people aren't perfect. celebrities are people too and so are their makeup artists.

  22. can you fuckers move on to the next fucking peraon instead of talking about the same one for fucking 5 minutes? yall are so fucking annoying and stupid

  23. I'm guessing they forgot that Miley used to stick her tongue out all the time, wiping her makeup off..

  24. Angelina's fail was, her not giving herself a big once-over and Brad not telling her, "Ur makeup is terrible! (in my Alaska Thunderf*ck5000 voice) RuPaul's Drag Race fans will get this. Lol

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