Amazing Lip Art Design Ideas | BEST Lipstick Tutorial Compilation 2017


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Make-up lovers around the world have been taking over Instagram by sharing some truly OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD lip designs using #lipart.

The trend has been going strong since last year with the introduction of marble patterned lips and impressive designs of scenes from Disney movies. But as of late, the likes of make-up artists Vlada Haggerty (@Vladamua) have taken the trend to new levels by creating *insane* bespoke designs.

From drippy lips, 3D cupcakes, artistic city paintings and jewel encrusted creations, they can pretty much transform lips into any of their hearts desires. Just take a look at these…

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  1. pilu ibalo says:

    como siempre le pongo mg a todos los videos antes de que empiese

  2. maraki :D says:

    All the lips are amazing but I don't think anyone will wear them outside .

  3. girls: you know what would make us sexy?
    other girls on instagram: Wat?
    girls: making it impossible for us to anything by coating glitter and gems on our mouths and letting goop drip down our Chins!

    instagram girls: woah! '0'

    girls: don't forget the nose rings! throws nose rings from satchel into a crowd you get a nose ring! you get a nose ring! everybody gets a nose ring!

  4. qual é a marca dos batons onde vc comprou

  5. if sum one want to kiss u ,,when they c this lip am they wil away n kiss a dogs instead lol,, anyway nice design ,,

  6. If you wear one of these out, you're clearly single.

  7. what is song 00:0 please?

  8. why are the final pictures so blurry tho? I actually want to SEE how it turns out -_-

  9. Cjlord86 Aj says:

    the first one
    me: ok I'll try it! get gold stuff in mouth, gets glitter also in mouth COUGH chokes

  10. I'm aggravated. I wish you would stay in focus. I would like to be able to look at the designs.

  11. Lynn Sanchez says:

    Its so satisfying like if you agree

  12. E Triplett says:

    Me: I like your lipstick art.
    Person: …
    Me: oh, yeah, I forgot… You can't speak with that lipstick 'cause if you did, your lipstick would smear together and then all of your hard work would go to waste.
    Person: …

  13. how do they do it it's amazing

  14. doge tamer says:

    why am i a boy watching this but danggggggggg can girls really do this omg this looks amazing good job i hit the like button


  16. Then you realize you havent had your coffee yet. SHIT

  17. Haillie Ryan says:

    Can u imagine if someone walked around with those lips I would be shook!!

  18. What was the first song? Thanks.

  19. Ally Fargo says:

    Be careful because some of the music is copyrighted the channel you get your music from is probably trying to troll I don't wanna come across mean but be careful I recognized a couple songs you used and they are copyrighted

  20. Ra WI says:

    this is making me hungry. I want something with icing on it…you know the real nice kind that runs and then hardens and makes pretty designs and stuff? MMMMM :))))

  21. You should do this right before you go to the dentist.

  22. Please help me get 30 subscribers I'll post videos and work on myself

  23. I am Trash says:

    Who came here for the thumbnail

  24. Loom Blossom says:

    Is it just me or is this kinda satisfying?

  25. Jeff Richard says:

    Did anyone else notice that in the song it sounds like it says I ain't dricken blood

  26. Yeah there lips is GREAT!! Until you eat, or drink something….

  27. Tavishi Roy says:

    we should love our normal lips as it is
    using normal lip balm

  28. Manish Singh says:

    pls dont try these type of lip art

  29. I came here for the thumbnail…

  30. hbxhbyfnyfbhhfhnfkjfjkcjf

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