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SKINCARE BASICS! Here is my 5 STEP Basic Skincare Routine For Beginners! I’m going to show you my skin care tips and tricks that help me get healthy, radiant and beautiful skin, but it all starts with your skincare routine! Enjoy! xo Jen

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– Soda & Co. Sugar Scrub in Pink Lemonade: (USE CODE: CHIUTIPS for 10% OFF!)
– The Beauty Diary Red Wine Mask:
– Skin Inc. Customized Face Serum:
– Andalou Naturals Super Goji Peptide Perfecting Cream:


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  1. Wow that was helpful.

  2. mochii says:

    Is it okay to use face masks overnight??

  3. Simran Arora says:

    is it to be done daily?

  4. Choiskycn Facial Mask is now available in the US.   Look for us on Facebook and online under Choiskycn USA.

  5. pooja vyas says:

    and suggest me can I use cetaphil face wash and lotion for my acne porne skin

  6. pooja vyas says:

    hey Jennifer I love all ur videos

  7. how about toners?

  8. Lizzie David says:

    for the masks, can it be peeling mask?

  9. When it comes to serums, it's best to apply them directly to your face instead of in your hands and rubbing it because they absorb into the skin extremely fast and you don't want to waste any of that serum, especially if it's pricey.

  10. I love your skin care tips routines and hacks. They inspire me to keep my skin clean. I've been washing and treating face every night and there is a difference could you please do more hacks and tip videos for your skin.


  11. Rahtin Rose says:

    i live in fiji ..if i buy anything from amazon how much i have to pay the game amount given or much more than that….??? and is shipping free..can u plz answer

  12. Rahtin Rose says:

    i have a question

  13. Daisy Fuegos says:

    what about tonner?

  14. Menha Khan says:

    what better stay with one brand or have multuple choice like tea tree they have the all routain done

  15. Paige says:

    I've always love skincare but I'm just now getting into perfectly posh products and they're cruelty free. I'm a big fan.

  16. tazam7 says:

    thank you for the great video/tutorial. btw make up and brows arw on fleek! 😉

  17. can i exfoliate my face even though i have pimples?

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