Hey guys! So I saw this hack on a blog about hot to get the perfect contour with a spoon so I decided to be the first to try it!! Lets see if it works !!


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Camera: Cannon 70D

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  1. You look like lady gaga 😉

  2. Cali looks sad or tired.

  3. I swear I rewatch every video of yours. My absolute favorite you-tuber!

  4. Cutest dog ever!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. kadence houk says:

    how do u turn on notification on im a nnod at tube that wasn't funny I know

  6. # looks amazing did anybody tell you that you look like Kesha

  7. # looks amazing did anybody tell you that you look like Kesha

  8. I love u dog! Can u do a video just about him?

  9. Reese Barber says:

    What kind of dogs are they

  10. dude your dog is just like mine I die melting at how he's sitting there napping happy as ever to just be around you. xoxo xoxo I feel like I know you guys hehehehe

  11. alex wright says:

    A whisk is also a great way to fill in your eyebrows, after that put a spaghetti strainer on your head, it adds such dimension to your face.

  12. Nicole ur dog is so pretty when did u get it

  13. you have 412 comments :0

  14. Beebox Bunny says:

    You have a Nike symbol on your cheek

  15. Angel Giles says:

    beauty hack or wack? can you use the spoon to do creases in your eyeshadow

  16. Jentry Faith says:


  17. you can still see the spoon marks lol funny d:

  18. zip zip says:

    the dogs face tho 2:47

  19. gary bhagat says:

    3:02 dog:shut up I'm sleeping Nicole is you blind?
    Nicole: answer already

  20. Shiza Nadeem says:

    Your dog is soooo cute bless

  21. Girl nooo! That was wack! LOL!

  22. Skye: theirs no food on this spoon
    dog slips into a deep depression

  23. there both so cute

  24. the dog OMG so cute

  25. As I watched this video my pitbull stared at yours the entire time. "Mom look, another dog!"

  26. Kay Grifff says:

    your dog at the beginning and at the end..SO CUTE IT HURTS!!!!

  27. wow she's so Praveen

  28. Michelle K says:

    problem… i had to keep rewinding to hear what you were saying because i couldn't take my eyes off that beautiful dog of yours!

  29. What kind of dog do you hacd

  30. Your dog is so sleepy and adorable! Near the end he was struggling to keep his eyes open!

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