What’s up loves!? Today’s video is my FAVOURITE beauty tips, tricks AND hacks! All are so easy and helpful on an everyday basis. I want to thank Pantene & Olay for sponsoring this video! Can’t wait for you guys to watch it xoxo

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  1. Zigo8 says:

    Get a complete beauty regimen with these helpful tips.

  2. Lu Xue says:

    What's the nail color?

  3. she looks a bit like hilary duff

  4. jimjoi1 says:

    Love your channel!!! My gosh amazing hacks I've never seen or heard before….you're an amazing beauty guru, so happy I found you thru Luxy Hair tutorials, I love your hairdo's. You're such a joy to watch!!! Can't wait to try the loose powder and foundation trick for oily rock girl xoxo

  5. Aneta .b says:

    Greetings from Holland

  6. Fab video!! Definitely going to be purchasing the eye cream as I have this problem a lot also the powder under foundation trick thankyou!! Never knew this! Xx

  7. A safer and easier way to heat up the eyelash curler is to run it under hot water for a bit, dry it off and curl!

  8. I love how it looks your hair in this video. Can you do a tutorial using a flat iron?

  9. thyong24 says:

    Such great tips!! ❤️❤️ love you!! xx

  10. Ktealove says:

    I love your nail polish! What is its name?

  11. Elanna just wondering what curling tongs you use? Gorge hair xx

  12. Sera Phim says:

    can you do a dedicated video for how to prevent eye-makeup from smudging for people who have oily lids? Like mascara, eye corners, lower lid, i always end un looking like a panda.

  13. JarofArts says:

    I've watched many hacks and tips videos here on youtube but I gotta say you provided several new hacks that I never knew about 🙂

  14. Elanna you are so gorgeous!!! What is the lipstick you are wearing?

  15. kissndMAKEUP says:

    I love videos like these! My favorite tip was how not to get makeup on white shirts! Genius! Thanks Elenna <3

  16. I would love to see a haircut tutorial In your intro look!!!

  17. Great tricks! Loved the video! what lipstick r u  wearing? Super nice!!!

  18. Beiza Kara says:

    oh love ur lipstick on 5:15 Which brand is it?

  19. Julia Ra says:

    I love your hacks, and love your channel overall, but a hacks and tips video that is sponsored is somehow… less 'hacks and tips' but more of a usual ad for me. I don't mind normal sponsored videos, I know you guys need to earn some money too 😀 this type of video is somehow not the right type for it, I think. No hate, just personal opinion. Lots of love 🙂

  20. helpful video thumbs up !

  21. Your beautiful inside and out ❤️

  22. Aly Milano says:

    Stunning girl!

  23. This was probably the best beauty hack video I've seen. I personally don't think I have big dark circles but your tip on creating an illusion with a straighter brow makes so much sense! And the shirt thing. I ALWAYS ruin shirts with makeup. Just so many original ideas! Also, I have been using the new shampoo and conditioner from Pantene too and I love it – I used to have to buy high end deep conditioners since I process my hair so much and I can save so much money now just using Pantene! OH and my mom has been using those dry face wipes for years! lol

  24. what lipstick are you wearing?? its gorgeous!!!

  25. love the combo in yr lips?

  26. inikidaisy says:

    Just a suggestion, but instead of a shirt to put over your face, you can get the Betty Dain Makeup and Hair Protector for $2.88 on Amazon, or something similar. I don't have one but I know that a certain boutique I visit has one of these protectors in their dressing room for people to use before putting on clothing.

  27. m.m says:

    OMG that shirt over the head trick is genius!! lol I am so sick of getting makeup on my collars. Thank you!!!

  28. great tips loved it 🙂

  29. Valia says:

    That was so helpful, thank you <3

  30. Oh, using a straightener a the bottom of the curl is really a great idea.

  31. Ashton Doty says:

    the white shirt hack just saved my life, thank you!!!

  32. lauralokey says:

    Definitely going to try the loose powder under foundation! Never heard of that before and excited to try! Love your videos – beautiful! xo

  33. Jessica says:

    Would love a make-up tutorial on this look Xxx

  34. That's was pretty good! You actually had a few hacks that I had never heard of. Love your channel. You could be my kid but still enjoy your work. And your from Ontario (I think) so there's that too!

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