Bridal Makeup Tutorial

If you want to get an airbrushed makeup look perfect for your big day, here is the perfect tutorial for you. This is a long lasting makeup look that can last through heat, tears and lots of dancing. I’ll show you how to get a base foundation look that you can match with any eye or lip shade that works for you.

The TEMPTU Bridal Kit is great for the bride, bridesmaid … or just about anyone in the bridal party.

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* This video is in collaboration with TEMPTU Bridal Kit


  1. elinor kent says:

    she looks like so many celebrities:j
    j.lo, nicole scherzinger, beyonce, kim k

  2. Nina Reyes says:

    So stunning Marianna! One of my favorite looks for you (: #mariannagiveaway

  3. So stunning!!! I just purchased the temptu airbrush system in so excited to get it in

  4. Shana B says:

    Can u mix airbrush and powders?

  5. Yasmin A. says:

    IN THE THUMBNAIL YOU LOOKED LIKE (can't believe I'm saying this) BEYONCÉ

  6. Hi everyone I have just uploaded a bridal tutorial on my channel and would love if you could come check it out! Sub for sub?

  7. nina torres says:

    Hi can you do a video on hair growth I'm really trying to grow it out longer and faster and would love some tips and tricks

  8. love your tutorials 🙂 i've always loved make up but always struggled a bit with the application, not sure quite how much i should use and never 100% happy with how it turns out, but the way you explain things makes it really easy to follow along, and i'm getting better and more confident with it all the time now 🙂 ty so much x ps: i think you look like a mixture of a young J Lo and Nicole Scherzinger 🙂

  9. George Bush says:

    How is it possible that she is single? Gorgeous girl!

  10. TangerineAW says:

    Enjoying the videos. A great site to look up ingredients in your cosmetics and toiletries

     The Environmental Working Group

    I'm not affiliated with the site.

  11. Jena Pineda says:

    giiirrrllll i think i just watched all your videos in one sitting! youre so beautiful!!! anyways, can you make a video about your favorite drugstore make up products? have a good day! 🙂

  12. Heart XOXO says:

    your face bone structure is alot like Kim Kardashian 

  13. LexiBlush says:

    Best mascara to use for a bride? X

  14. smonkii says:

    You look like the love child of beyoncé and jlo in this video!!

  15. Love this video! I found it very interesting! Could you check out this new youtuber's channel? If not that is fine too. Just wanted to let you know that you are doing great 🙂

  16. katd says:

    Do you have a video about your hair. The current hair color that you have now? You're beautiful btw=) 

  17. Ivy Boyd says:

    Boy, are you going to make a beautiful bride when that day DOES come! Beautiful tutorial, Marianna!

  18. hello this makeup look is gorgeous! what colour lipliner an lipstick are you using thanks :)xx

  19. You're like a cross between Kim Kardashian and Jessica Lange, sooooo pretty

  20. XXbiz says:

    You are a perfect mix of kim k and Nicole Sherzinger!

  21. Would you prefer airbrush for your wedding or actual application of foundation, blush, etc? I love all your vids, mainly bc I'm obsessed with your features! Makeup artist probs 😉

  22. You look so much like Beyonce in parts of this video! Absolutely beautiful! xx

  23. Love all your videos! I wish I had an older sister like you =/

  24. You are just absolutely gorgeous and one of my new favorite youtubers! I love the quality of your videos 🙂

  25. SM M says:

    I absolutely love your makeup tutorials. It's so hard to find light and natural makeup looks on YouTube, I hate heavy makeup like everyone on here does. Keep making them they're amazing! Xo

  26. We miss you on moda mob Marianna !!!!

  27. Hair tutorial on this please

  28. Easy to follow!! Great job..but you forgot to mention the most important step in applying make up (the end) is BLEND!!! SO NO HARSH LINES SHOW…other than that its awesome! Thx for sharing M.

  29. Beauty TV says:

    Great Tutorial!

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