DIY Avocado Facial Mask – Leaves Your Face Moisturized & Tight!

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A Half of An Avocado
Hot/Warm Water
1 Tsp. Honey

Is your skin feeling dry? Maybe you feel like you look a bit…weathered. Well, we have an awesome, cheap DIY facial for you. All you need is an avocado and some honey. This works! Trust us. Miley Cyrus is even doing it.

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  1. great job guys keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

  2. I tried it too and I loved it

  3. as soon as i saw this video i wanted to try this mask (im not old or anything im actually 13 but i never tried a facemask so i made it just for fun lol) The only reason why i didnt like it is because it was avocado and i got some of it in my mouth lol and i hate the taste of avocado, but its actually a great mask and made my skin super soft!

  4. LizzieBoo says:

    what do i put if i dont have honey

  5. Gabby Mat says:

    So if a celebrity puts shit on her face will you do it? Fucking puppets

  6. Ana banana says:

    whos watching in 2017

  7. Crystal Dawn says:

    Makes me cringe watching people try to mash avocado with a spoon instead of a fork

  8. Musalman says:

    Why don't you put olive oil instead of water

  9. If you don't use organic honey the processed sugar from the inorganic honey will give you pimples

  10. i hate avocados,but if it'll help my skin then, what ever.

  11. benjianubis says:

    great info..thank you

  12. Jose Lopez says:

    Can man use this ?

  13. katie w. says:

    Thats my brother…..NUHHH u nasty humans

  14. katie w. says:

    I feel offended 😐

  15. Aries April says:

    Is it good to just put it with advocado cause I just did :/

  16. You look old I'm 9

  17. What water that use to mix??

  18. I use avocado,egg whites,olive oil and coconut oil

  19. wtf you guys look the same .

  20. can i use maple syrup instead of honey

  21. is there light under your skin ?!

  22. Kinda looks like jenni Farley

  23. PrecXx B. says:

    Avocado is also rich in Vit A and (E) is useful to reduce wrinkle and keep the skin looking younger; reduced the size of inflamed lesions, acne, and maintain skin's elasticity

  24. PrecXx B. says:

    Avocado is reach =in Vit C and E which are important to keep the skin healthy. Many Skin care product now are rich in Vit C and E.
    Some ppl rub VIT E capsule on their face

  25. PrecXx B. says:

    The oil in the avocado oil moisten your face

  26. PrecXx B. says:

    using finger to massage the mixture into your skin would be by far more effective
    Its hard for you to apply because you are simply using the wrong equipment…not a brush

  27. PrecXx B. says:

    u all need to do proper scientific research abut the product you are using and exactly how the components work

  28. is that good for acne too?

  29. Lilly allen says:

    This was really usefull

  30. Astor Wu says:

    I TESTED THIS MASK on my channel! check out the results!

  31. Ghanja Son says:

    U still look like shit

  32. Starting skincare process from an early age is prevention rather than trying to find a cure

  33. Haley Dee says:

    So if your allergic to latex or birch pollen there almost an 100% chance your allergic to avocados so be careful 🙂

  34. Haley Dee says:

    If you have allergies (to bananas, birch pollen or even melons) I extremely caution you NOT to try this face mask. No face mask should itch. Ever. If it does, TAKE IT OFF. I tried this and got bumps everywhere with a red face, swelled throat and itchy eyes and nose. I obviously was unaware I had this allergy to avocados, but after researching it's caused by a latex or birch pollen allergy.

  35. you should have used milk instead of water because the milk really leaves your face extremly supple

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