Do-It-Yourself Make-Up with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan #HackTheCannes

Get make-up tips from the Queen Bee herself! Watch Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as she gives you tips and tricks in this make-up tutorial!

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  1. caNdY D says:

    When I was only 5 she was my first crush n now I m crossing teenage….n She is still my that crush

  2. Sadia sheikh says:

    Makeup pr makeup nice joke

  3. mouna mouna says:

    Damn shes so fake lol

  4. Lamu Sherpa says:

    Aishwarya rai is not at all pretty just her eyes is wonderfull she looks pretty in makeup she was looking pretty in blue gown

  5. Lamu Sherpa says:

    Aishwarya rai looks bad and worst without makeup i think i will look more preety than her in makeup

  6. prachi 2017 says:

    aish you are a queen!

  7. Woah so many whiny bitches in the comment section. Damn y'all try to be chill.

  8. Seulgioppa says:

    She looks so classy I died

  9. Md Akram says:

    Makeup me upper she makeover dekhaya h ..I though pura makeup dekhneko milega

  10. Shavi Kaur says:

    I hate her fake

  11. she already wear a lot of makeup

  12. vo lipstick 800-1000 Ru ki h or usi se likh dala
    free ki thi na isliye

  13. Aiman Soomro says:

    her hairstyle look yukk

  14. C'est quoi la référence de son rouge à lèvre ?

  15. Queen you're amazing!

  16. Laiba Malik says:

    she looks kinda like beren saaat

  17. please tell the code and name of lipstick shade she is applying

  18. Sunny Kamal says:

    make up pe make up,nd making us fool,,,come without makeup in front of the camera,,

  19. ahsan Khan says:

    inko makeup ki zarorat nahi hai

  20. which lipstick shade she applied?

  21. Amber Sad says:

    i just cant beleive thats herr

  22. Angel Hib says:

    Uh….Why do all of you take this woman as a great thing I would say, guys plz use your sense! I know she's beautiful but that doesn't mean she's perfect and should be regarded superior than everyone else! From my point of view, beauty comes from the heart, pure love,honesty,kindness, generosity and the soft feminine behaviour….so guys…i hope you understand!

  23. yeah when she was putting the eyeliner I saw that she was already putten eyeliner in her eyes

  24. she allready wearing makeup only she apply lips stick

  25. Dodah Dodah says:

    Where is the step plz its just like when u fix ur makeup in restaurant bathroom and she had makeup before

  26. Puja Ray says:

    love you aish

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