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HI SISTERS! Drag Queens have always been a huge source of inspiration and motivation for my career as a makeup artist! A few nights ago, I tried out a new style of drag makeup inspired by Pabllo Vittar & you guys were SHOOK. I had to film a fun tutorial on it! Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

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Michael Rusakov


  1. Alice Davies says:

    Dramatic drag…

    Have u seen trixie mattel, that's dramatic.

  2. James Charles.. I really need you to do me a favor… it is a legit favor… but it would mean so much to me if you would do me this favor… if you could reply to this I will ask you the favor… but its most likely not going to happen… thank you anyway..

  3. Mary 1 says:

    Most annoying person on earth!

  4. Angelica says:

    you talk way too fast and you kind of mumble your words…

  5. Liberty A says:

    Are all makeup artists friends? Like is there any rilvaries.??

  6. what contacts is he wearing

  7. Aida Jordan says:

    How to remove this glue from your eyebrows guys?

  8. Laura says:

    You look absolutely stunning James <33

  9. 2 swimmerz says:

    why did you quote "feminine features" as if it was a myth?

  10. Emma Howard says:

    Wow, you are so talented!

  11. Luisa Vidal says:

    AAAHH PABLLO VITTAR SAME I LOVE HER!! Btw i know you didnt mean anything bad but we call her a she not a he, just a btw lol.

  12. lexe dun says:

    U looked like Tana Mongeau

  13. Jessie Honey says:

    That liner had me shoooook

  14. i love tana mongeau!

  15. Why is James a better girl than me. Oml ❤️❤️

  16. AnimeAndRock says:

    idk why but he looks like himself when hes in drag?

  17. C R says:

    love it! you'd be such a fishy drag queen

  18. All of these people hating, just shut up everyone has their own opinions but keep yours to yourself. He can do what he wants it doesn't have to be perfect it's just what he enjoys doing. If you've seen better why are you still watching this? If your don't like him and what he's doing then leave

  19. Rara Gha says:

    Naomi Amateur

  20. rayna coia says:

    gabrielle sisters
    should be ur name

  21. if only we were as good at makeup as he is XD

  22. Wow, you're amazing! All the kids saying rude things are just unexposted to this kind of thing. But you did a great job, you do whatever makes you happy. <3

  23. Brain Maxter says:

    Yass queen lady gaga ain't got shit on you

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