Easy Way to Bold Brows!

Hey my loves! So I have been getting a lot of questions about my brows since I have changed them (Bold is Everything to me)! Sooo here is a quick tutorial on how I do my brows at the moment!

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  1. u have lense of natural eyes?

  2. tota a says:

    you are so profishional realy relay star and l love you so much❤❤❤

  3. It looks like you are wearing contact if so its sliding off of you eye slightly but it's a very pretty color on you

  4. Your eyes are like Angelina Jolies!

  5. xrahabx says:

    Are we ever going to see your brown eyes again…

  6. Natalia Li says:

    I guess Kim Kardashian is nervously biting her nails while watching your videos. =) Such a pretty WOMAN you are!

  7. She is soooo gorgeous

  8. wow your so gorgeous why don't you try our lenses @misaki_cosmetics #affordable #pretty

  9. itzel powe says:

    Do you live in dubai?

  10. Shazia Amjed says:

    What are you wearing on your lips it looks stunning

  11. Jayy says:

    She's so gorgeous !!

  12. Falooda Hema says:

    brows absolutely no doubt definitely complete a makeup look =)

  13. TheSarahAlz says:

    What contacts r u wearing?

  14. bnossy says:

    Your lips are so big and juicy…. I want… Thank you for sharing love …. xo

  15. What's on your lips? Color is gorgeous!!

  16. Miya Elli says:

    Best makeup look ever for her.her skin looks flawless

  17. why you are sooooooooo beautiful? ♥ i love you hudaaa

  18. wow you are so gorgous and smart when comes to make up a real role model for young girls like me

  19. silent-skies says:

    The end result is way off! They look a bit too thick to me.

  20. Foreign Babe says:

    want this make up look


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