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  1. Amiyah Boyle says:

    Your way to cute your a little fashionista and I love your nails and makeup

  2. What's your Instagram name

  3. So what's her website


  5. Emily Zhang says:

    'my eyebrows are naturally brown but I make them square'

  6. Does anyone know her website

  7. Aunaha says:

    Her nails THO

  8. Gwen Holdo says:

    She's so good at a yong age I'm sure soon she'll be working for Selena Gomez

  9. she posted this on my 13th bday haha

  10. Why do you want to ruin your skin at the beginning your so beautiful because that's your natural skin and putting all this powder stuff on is so sad

  11. Coco WI says:

    She has James Charles shook

  12. Hey, what're you doing down here! The video's up there ^

  13. Of course it's u czz crazy people put other people's pic in his room

  14. Wow, everyday? When do you have the time for that? Not trying to hate..
    Also I hope she's a makeup artist when she's older, she could really do something with her talent!

  15. don't you think your to young to be like that you grew up way to fasttt 안녕

  16. Kaity Bug says:

    I'm also 11 years old and I have acne and I don't where makeup and you do where makeup and you have flawless skin and you are beautiful

  17. you are so pretty no metter what

  18. Avery MSP says:

    Dude your skin is beautiful you don't need that much makeup

  19. Kate Noble says:

    1 shade lighter? Shade one is always a tiny bit too dark XD xxxx

  20. Ayana ! says:

    U don't need makeup tbh u are very pretty without it !

  21. stop saying like that.

  22. Im nearly the same age and shes my inspiration i watched her videos after i got my first ipad that was almost 4 years ago!!

  23. shanelleTV says:

    You don't have a website or you didn't put that in the description

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