Eye Makeup Tips For Your Eye Shape

Have you ever tried a smokey eye look or a cat eye look but it doesn’t look as good as you expected it to? Just like how we select outfit colours according to our skin tone, understanding eye shapes to create an eye look to enhance our eyes is equally important.

There are various eye shapes such as hooded eyes, protruding eyes, deep set eyes, close set eyes, monolids, upturned eyes, downturned eyes, wide set eyes, round eyes, etc. Makeup artist Tarannum Khan has comprehensively explained these different eye shapes as knowing your eye shape is the key to flawless eye makeup!

Stay tuned for how she creates a look for hooded eyes that’s coming up really soon!

Let us know if you have any further questions in the comments below.

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  1. Oh Joy! says:

    no advice for almond shaped eyes. i have big almond shaped eyes.

  2. Lina says:

    This is bullshit! Round eyes are very beautiful. Why try to make them more elongated? That's basically changing them.

  3. Syeda Eraj says:

    i hve one round eye (left eye) and the other one is hooded.also i hve close set eye.how i can apply eyeliner or eye makeup plz suggest soon

  4. hello ur vedio is verry helpful so much liking it verry much I just wanted to know that's for eye shadow what are the brushes we should use n from which brand in professional work

  5. Brenda says:

    Great video! Very informative and to the point. Thank you and you are beautiful, love your makeup.

  6. Ns Msha says:

    thanks for making this vedio.

  7. Khai Kindred says:

    My outer corner gets covered with hooded eyes

  8. nukosgirl20 says:

    Very helpful video, thanks.

  9. the brush set has a dramatic effects for my make-up look whenever I am wearing a concealer
    the brush super soft as well as it make my make-up daily super fun. Ī become a make-up luvr due of it. LOL

  10. what about almond eyes…

  11. Lärabar says:

    All this info but nothing on almond eyes? Like one of the most basic eye shapes

  12. Mahvish N says:

    hey…i have big almond+round shaped eye..can u give me sm suggesion.

  13. nice tips …thanx mam

  14. Deep Singh says:

    which eye shape do you have mam ?? brilliantly executed i like ur vedios

  15. Justyna says:

    different qualities of my eyeshape suggest that i should not do my makeup at all haha. my eyes are very round and big and my lids are giant wow

  16. so u cn see my crease my eyes seems big… and round…. i see the white under my iris but not tht much… but they does not seem close set.. or wide….i am so lost…..

  17. My eyes are REALLY wide. My friend, Kaya, he thought I was trying to be an anime girl! xD

  18. Very nice video it is really informative. I agree initially people will find difficulty in finding out about which eye type they have. I hope they will find it out eventually.

  19. omg u are awesome and your video

  20. hind1994has says:

    I've got big prominent up-turned almond eyes,any tips please

  21. Nano Das says:

    how to define the almond shaped eyes and which type of makeup shoots on it

  22. awesome suggestions thanks for ur valuable ideas….
    i wil like to get more information abt different shapes faces…

  23. Sonakshi roy says:

    I like people who don't speak shit and get to the main point ,I like you

  24. Amazing explanations ,great job and thank you

  25. I have close set round eyes,I don't like that ugh

  26. So Asians should just change their eye shape altogether? That doesn't seem right.

  27. How far apart are your eyes supposed to be?? And how can eyes be too round? And if you're not supposed to line your eyes what do you do??

  28. Bethan Hill says:

    I have upturned eyes which are close set…should I apply highlighter in the inner corner or not?

  29. Sonia Singh says:

    I need help. My crease area is visible so which eye shape does I have ??

  30. Lilian Wu says:

    I have a combination of 3 eye types. Wide set, down turned and hooded

  31. aashi royal says:

    yeah…… evn m also unable to decide what eye shape i m having….. plz help

  32. Sierra jy says:

    I dont have a crease …the struggle to apply makeup on

  33. wrllovemen says:

    yep im a deep set eye girl…sigh. i can never do a smokey eye so I'm left with day looks. i really wish I knew how to do some sort sexy look for the night.

  34. Rania khalid says:

    my eyes are a mixture of deep set and upturn eyes :/

  35. Stylish Mono says:

    my eyes are hooded

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