EYEBROW HACKS That Everyone Should Know!

Hey Larlee’s here are some brow hacks that are pretty darn awesome, and hella useful. Some of these hacks are ones that I have been using for the longest and some brow hacks I have just discovered. I this video I show you tips on plucking/ trimming eyebrows. I also show you guys a lot of hacks on correcting mistake as well has filling the eyebrows in. Thanks for watching be sure and share you own brow hacks below xo – Laura

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  1. Ronita Das says:

    That awkward moment when your brows are 2nd cousins.

  2. Sarah F says:

    Be careful plucking after makeup. You're exposing a newly empty and open, swollen and pissed odd pore to oil and makeup around it.

  3. mary ann says:

    Your so funny I love you❤❤❤

  4. Love the attitude!!

  5. Angel Harmon says:

    those your real lashes?

  6. ZEDROGANA says:

    I wish most girls had the bubbley fun attitude you have, it would go a long way

  7. Kelsey Muir says:

    learn to match your foundation first

  8. can you review the Carli Byble deluxe pallet!!!

  9. Tania S says:

    omg you're so cute and funny)

  10. I do and I don't have to fill them in at all

  11. madison ross says:

    Fuck, I can't stand your voice

  12. xxxxmimi says:

    You are so adorable! Not just your looks but your attitude as well. You kind of remind of Mya

  13. Where are your necklaces from?? They are stunning

  14. Lumi Labonte says:

    Clever…good to see your entire face when doing brows…I like the hairspay and also using eyshadows. I have done all these except the fork…:):)
    Great post!

  15. Kristan M says:

    Why all the faces? You're too pretty to keep sticking your tongue out and making weird faces. I don't understand why women act this way. It just makes you look like a bimbo.

  16. i really love this.

  17. eres gay says:

    where did you get your mirror

  18. what's that, that she used to make your eyelashes or eyebrows grow thicker ?

  19. Laura lee… what do you use to mark your brow?

  20. Cedric Brame says:

    When are we gonna get a Brenda and Shirley video again?

  21. Zahra Lezama says:

    i got one of those mirrors

  22. xSlushz says:

    I came here to see how many fake people there are
    so far 6.5 million

    Makeup doesn't increase beauty I can sure tell you you hide your real beauty with chemicals that make it worse.

  23. MaxPro says:

    I think you might need a newer voiceover microphone.

  24. Lu Lu says:

    You're cute as hell doll.. but as my MAU friend has told me over and over… GUURLLL you pluck a duck, you TWEASE your eyebrows… Sorry :/ habitual correction… He pounded it into my brain 🙁

  25. jayla morris says:

    Hello works huh politically cable care vegetable hit laughter sudden hang

  26. my parents don't let me wear any makeup and also I can't buy it myself secretly because it's too expensive and they will find out bc makeup is obvious

  27. Maaliinna a says:


  28. Laura Pena says:

    my eyebrow always look like I did them wrong BC I have brown hair but naturally have black brows

  29. this helped ALLOTTT

  30. l lawliet says:

    that first tip is impossible for me, someone who is visually disabled without glasses and has to get 3 inches away from the mirror to see anything haha

  31. 11 things to do your eyebrows is crazy and the fork is worst. So much make up and torture lol that's crazy. Girls just look up videos for tinting eyebrows with "Just for men Mustache and Beard Hair Color" and you'll have less junk on your skin, it lasts up to two weeks and looks so natural. Way better then so many steps. Good try though!!

  32. Camela Fisk says:

    I Love your tips & personality! Thx!

  33. Saaavaggek says:

    you stick your tongue out alot!

  34. You have the best personality. I love watching your video's, plus you crack me up!

  35. Daydreamerr says:

    i have the same mirrpr as you! but mine is black not white

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