Foundation Highlight & Contour Makeup Tutorial pt.1 | Ellarie

So this is one of the many ways I like to highlight and contour! There are so many great products and brushes out there that it switches up from time to time, so I will do update video along the way. It may not work for everybody but since I’m always asked how I do mine I thought I would share, enjoy!

Products Used:
Motives Perfecting Face Primer
Mac Studio Fix Fluid – NC50
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer – NC42
Ben Nye Banana Powder
Motives Color Perfecting Quad – Dark
Mac Refined Golden Bronzer
Mac Mineralized Skin Finish – Dark
Mac Mineralized Skin Finish – Gold Deposit
Motives Empress Blush

Hair & Makeup Addiction
Morphe Brushes

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  1. LaLa Monroe says:

    Goodness the growth !!!

  2. Megan Murray says:

    Love the new background!

  3. Bell Pereira says:

    Oi por favor gostaria que usasse legenda nos seus vídeos extraordinários pois não sei o inglês! te Acho o máximo e gostaria de entende melhor o q vc fala. beijoooos!

  4. Ashley House says:

    your such a inspiration! I love to look at big Bloggers first videos to get encouragement since I'm a newbie myself awesomeness!!

  5. Your so pretty with and without makeup!

  6. Aida Ngam says:

    Your make up is really amazing darling

  7. rita johnson says:

    wanna download this but how?

  8. rita johnson says:

    wanna download this but how?

  9. rita johnson says:

    how do I download ur videos

  10. rita johnson says:

    how do I download ur videos

  11. Can you please do your favorite makeup bag and makeup bag essentials. Thanks xoxo

  12. I love your makeup, I am not a fan of wearing alot of makeup but I love the flawless look of it…. just to let you know tho you do not have a wide nose or struggle cheekbones you have a beautiful face without makeup. IJS

  13. ester anka says:


  14. Love your channel! Question: Do you do personalized FaceTime Calls lol? I can not contour to save my life! Do you recommend powder or liquid contouring for beginners/strugglers?! Thanks!

  15. hi love this video. where in the US , can i buy the ben nye Banana powder? any shop i can go to, please. i live in dubai but i travel a lot, i just need to know a shop i can go to. Thank you Ellarie

  16. Your blending is A1

  17. OMG I just love this sooo much! you're so beautiful! Perfect Makeup tutorial!

  18. Juelz Louis says:

    Awesomeness. I will try this! Best tutorial!

  19. Sassy Sugar says:

    she's using everything I have and she's my same skin color ..I don't know anything about makeup lol…

  20. Sadie Baxter says:

    I love how natural the look is

  21. how do you correctly pick out your foundation

  22. Love love love this the best I've seen thus far

  23. vanswty says:

    I have a mole there too! lol. Maybe I should be more proud of it 😉

  24. You are beautiful. I'm really pale, but these are amazing tips for anyone. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Robin Watson says:

    its crazy how i pin so many pictures of you on pinterest and just now discovering your channel…

  26. I just found you through @vegas_nay I I love your contour routine & I want to perfect mine but I am on a budget at the moment & in the past MAC products break me out I  have sensitive skin! anyway The question I have for you is.. Can you do a contour tutorial but with your favorite drug store products if you use any? It would be so helpful ! K beauty looking forward to that (fingers crossed) lol =)

  27. PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hi,I have really bad hyper pigmentation around the lip,what would be a great method for covering it up.

  29. i'm following you on instagram but the full tuto on youtube is better. my first time here. love what you doing.

  30. Gatta go shopping for Brow fixes! Thanx a bunch learnt Alot xxx

  31. Brushes are pronounced "more"-"fee". Great make-up tutorial!

  32. Can I get a list of products you used?? And brushes nd watnot??

  33. this is beautiful, my eyes are hearts right now. also, Morphe sounds like MorphEE 🙂

  34. I absolutely love your videos! You're an inspiration!  Can you list which brushes your are using from Morphe?

  35. Have you ever used pro longwear foundation? And are you a nc50 as well in that color if used? But aside from that beautiful!

  36. Ferrari Ware says:

    Hello!! Is this your same routine for 2015? Just wanted to know if there were an updated one or if something has changed

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