Foundation Routine Tutorial | Beginners Series 101

Thank you everyone that has been watching my videos and Hey to my new subscribers!. This Foundation tutorial is just how I do mine and is also apart of a beginners series. The next video to this series will be a talk about what all the products do and why there used so stay tuned for more.

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Link to Eyebrow Tutorial:

Tools I used:

Foundation Brush
Ecotools powder brush
Elf Fan Brush
Elf bronzing Brush
Beauty Blinder

What I used on my Face:

NYX studio perfect Photo-loving Primer
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Dark 1
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC 50
Fit me concealer in 30 Cafe
Black Radiance Press Powder in Rich Mahogany
Elf Healthy Glow Bronzer

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  1. Tosha Carter says:

    I love this look. It looks very natural. not to much or tons of make up caked on layer after layer.

  2. LOVER24680 says:

    you are a goodess!!! thank you so much for your help. i have learned so much

  3. This video is pretty helpful to me and I appreciate you actually putting the foundation on your neck. I've seen so many tutorials where people forget to put foundation on their neck and it ends up clashing with their natural skin tone.

  4. So… concealer goes on, AFTER foundation? All this time, I never knew that. I love how your makeup looks so natural, without having to use tons of products!

  5. I love my fit me foundation!!

  6. thing i like bout this vid is u dont like talk bout like ur life

  7. MOEHOGANIE A says:

    LUV'd your tutorial! Natural Everyday wear to work! I did my makeup as I watched this vid! Thnx

  8. 1stblkbarbie says:

    Great video I love the way you just enhanced your beauty and didn't over do it. A great look for everyday where.

  9. Salma Faroug says:

    why you didn't use powder at the end ???

  10. Rikki Leann says:

    Last week my brush set gotten here, I buy it from here
    I seem like I lastly have a fantastic brush selection from here and the quality surprised me! And. The important things I enjoy the most is the rate is excellent and you do not need to pay the shipping!!

  11. Alyssa Star says:

    your so fucking pretty you make me jealous

  12. she beautiful without the makeup

  13. Tasha Thomas says:


  14. Lotus Magic says:

    Your skin is beautifullll!!!!

  15. This was the best tutorial I've watch thus far! you didn't over do it or cake it on! very simple! I can't wait to try it!
    Thanks for sharing

  16. Jcoyia Davis says:

    I love it…. hopefully I can actually catch on because I no something about makeup and I'm slowly learning

  17. this is crazy, you look great and you didn't even put as much as the others iv seen. So why would other people go through all that other Make up to look the same way. wow crazy. I'm not the make up wearing type other than lipstick eye liner and eye shadow. this is very helpful thank you.

  18. OMG this is the easiest tutorial! Love it! Simple and chic!

  19. Subscribed as soon as i heard Beyoncé

  20. This was the best tutorial that I've seen so far omg

  21. i need to buy me some foundation brushes

  22. i have mary kay foundation too i dont used it at all because my face is already smooth

  23. lmfao…those eyebrows wtf.

  24. first makeup toturial that make me want to wear makeup…so natural looking and you didn't put 10 different powders on your face lol how do I choose the right foundation to suit my skin tone???? thanks

  25. She was like, why do I keep poppin my lol. Too cute, thanks for this, going on a date with hubby and want to put on makeup for once.

  26. Panda Plays says:

    What thing did u use to blend in the concealer?

  27. Rita Peprah says:

    so if u r black wat letter r u

  28. Alisha Flake says:

    See in the beginning I thought she was showing us a snippet of how the foundation would look cuz her skin is already so clear

  29. Naomi Roldan says:

    thank you, your video was the easiest so far. thanks for showing me without all the rest of that makeup.

  30. Van Sin says:

    I like your features and how you explain but it would be so much better if you would fully face the camera the whole time!

  31. What's the name of the thing you were using to blend the concealer?

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