FROZEN MAKE-UP Artist Book | Elsa Make Up Tutorial for Kids | Make Up Toy Set

Finish your Elsa and Anna look with make- up accessories and a beauty tip book with Disney Frozen graphics and mirror. Let Celeste teach you how to put on make up like Queen Elsa. This set includs 9 colors of cream eye shadow, 4 colors of lip gloss, 5 colors of body glitter, heart shape sponge and 6 applicators. Make up tips and graphic tutorial are also included.

Thank you for watching ! Celeste is 3 years old and she loves Elsa and playing with make ups. Please SUBSCRIBE and write your comments and suggestions 🙂

Barbie Makeover Make Up

Bug’s My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Makeover :

Frozen Vanity Dresser with Music :

When I was a Little Witch:

Disney Frozen in other languages: Disney Congelado, Disney Congelé, Disney Eingefroren, Disney Congelati, Disney Fagyasztott, Disney Beku, Disney užšaldyti, 冷凍ディズニー, Діснея, заморожений, Дисней замороженные

Disney Princess in other languages: Princesa de Disney, Дісней Принцеса, Дисней Принцесса, Disney princesė, 디즈니 공주, ディズニー プリンセス, Putri Disney, Disney hercegnők, Disney Prinzessin, Disney Princesse, 迪斯尼公主, principessa Disney


  1. Frozen thệ mơ

  2. you are way too young to wear makeup

  3. Sabiha Badal says:

    omg what nic…. girl so cute…… I love It so a some

  4. Tejas Patel says:

    Very very very very very cute and very beautiful

  5. You can make them out in the wallpaper pink or magic blues

  6. itu harganya berapa

  7. dove li vendete

  8. this is so cute I can wish I can have it

  9. Sazali Jamil says:

    berapa tahun ni

  10. Humas GSI says:

    i dont love you wanita jalang

  11. Neni Yuliani says:

    meni bagus aku pengen

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