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Hey Dolls,

I wanted to create this full face glam makeup tutorial that I think will suit a lot of people.
Thank you so much for watching!

PREVIOUS VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUqRKsMvkfU


Brushes:MAKEUP BRUSHES: **70% OFF** these Vanity Planet Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes: http://vpwow.com/glam30
USE CODE: GLAM30 (only $30 bucks!) WOW!! (Works out around £30 including delivery)

Moisturiser: OLAY spf15
Primer: NYX Primer Spray & Shine Killer
Foundation: Urban Decay & Bourjois healthy mix
Concealer: Bourjois healthy mix & Urban Decay Naked Skin
Powder: Rimmel True Match & Urban Decay Powder & Maybelline Fit me Powder
Contour & Bronze: Tayla Blue Contour Kit
Eyeshadow: Carli Bybel Palette BH Cosmetics
Eyeliner: Urban Decay Perversion
Mascara: Loreal Telescopic
Highlighter: Iconic London Illuminator & Carli Bybel Palette
Fake Lashes: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152294823291
Lips: Lip liner – Rimmel Cappuccino & Liquid Lipstick – NYX 09
Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter

Thank you guys for all your support – it means so so much to me!!

Love you guys SOOOO MUCH!!!


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Thank You for watching,



  1. your foundation shade is to Orange for you

  2. boo boo says:

    skip to 5:12 for the makeup tutorial 🙂

  3. Looks quite artificial. I think the foundation on your forehead is three shades darker than your actual skin

  4. I love your makeup looks but I really think you should use a black or clear glue for your lashes so the white glue doesn't stand out like it usually does. other than that, I LOVE IT GIRL!

  5. I was telling my friends about u earlier and anyone reading this will you plz tell me if you think 12 is too younge too be wearing makeup because some people said wy do you watch makeup videos ur only 12 so ??? Ops ???

  6. Jasmin halil says:

    Love the new makeup look

  7. Tia Parker says:

    You're so gorgeous omg and I loved the vid!! Subbed xx

  8. What is the song name?

  9. Your natural skin colour is so beautiful! It'd be great if you did videos with a paler tone & without fake tan, like a cooler toned tutorial xxx

  10. Everyone gives you so much hate, it's so pathetic! If you guys don't like how she does things or how all her looks "look the same" then don't watch her. No one is making you be here or making you watch her videos so just leave if your just going to criticise her the whole time.

  11. Mehar Bhasin says:

    What shade is the iconic illuminator ?

  12. Amber Gould says:

    Your so stunning omfg,I also think your amazing at makeup I wish I was as good as you xoxo

  13. anary says:

    U guys are so annoying " oh ur foundations to dark " so what if it is dam ! Let her use her dark foundation , like you guys never used a too dark or too light foundation or powder u guys really go out of ur way to leave a stupid comment when she's not even gonna care or even read , what you guys say . stupids! Just watch the dam video jeez man.

  14. Imogen H says:

    Please make a video of your favourite brushes/tools xxx

  15. Wen Li says:

    Sooooo glad I found your channel…!!! most of the USA make-up gurus all they do is videos about products and not many makeup tutorials…!!! you are great

  16. The foundation looks way dark for her

  17. Elnaz Abbass says:

    For y'all the actual makeup starts at 5:11

  18. L Jaanisoo says:

    Ohh my gosh I have the exact same lip shade, I'm obsessed, and so happy, that we are twinning

  19. I was shook when she didn't have any makeup on, she's beautiful but her foundation makes her look like a totally different color

  20. Musicsavedme says:

    I love this makeup look and it's absolutely beautiful but I think you could have blended your eyeshadow more..

  21. ❤️❤️❤️

  22. she looks so much better without make she doesnt need any makeup.

  23. Isha xo says:

    Hi! Just wondering, what eyelash glue do you use??

  24. I can't find the mirror!!!!!

  25. i feel like literally most of her tutorials are the same and she never even changes lip color….

  26. if you want to skip the intro go to 4:54 xx

  27. shaira alam says:

    u talk so much

  28. i have to ask you something, i saw that more or less you use carli bybel palette, i liked the colours and i bought it. i thought that because you are using it a lot it was worth it. but unfortunately regardless that it stinks, i can not even do my makeup because it dissolves (i do not know how to say it properly), but anyway the biggest problem is that after hours you have not even eye shadow :/ it does not stay …. i will try again but please tell me if you had a situation like this because in your videos i saw that it was working too good.

  29. You're absolutely stunning!

  30. Al Elizabeth says:

    Wtf! Why are there all these negative comments!? You look flawless.

  31. I think you did great!

  32. Alex says:

    girl you need a new foundation…

  33. Baby Cakes says:

    I love you makeup!! Your soo pretty!!!

  34. Emilie B says:

    You are more beautiful without makeup ! 😮

  35. loooove this makeup tutorial!!

  36. Such a beautiful look loved it!!! Ignore all the negative comments you're makeups flawlesss ✨ x

  37. Elsa Liddell says:

    Your face is literally the completely wrong shade it's too much!! Get your colour match right first!!

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