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  1. babyjaney1 says:

    I'm I'm way off your usual 20 something subscriber range lol


  3. Thanks for the tutorial πŸ™‚ I'm 28 πŸ™‚

  4. Love the look and hair. Always struggle with darker make up and getting my hair like that. Fiance getting home at 5pm. Going to try and create this look which is slightly similar to Mariah Carey. Thank you for your video πŸ™‚ and I am 28 years old.

  5. Love the look and hair. Always struggle with darker make up and getting my hair like that. Fiance getting home at 5pm. Going to try and create this look which is slightly similar to Mariah Carey. Thank you for your video πŸ™‚ and I am 28 years old.

  6. Carrie Sims says:

    Omg these videos make me feel sorry for the men that pick you girls up….but I guess it's their own fault if they can't tell your wearing a mask…makeup is supposed to enhance your beauty, not completly alter your face.

  7. hey guys,please let's all just be calm, if you (other guys) don't like her transformation then just don't mind her because it's her own business,life and decision to look glamorous and beautiful the way she likes it to be and it's her effort to fulfill what she wants. if you guys don't like the video then just immediately click the exit button or search for another video which you like instead of hating. I mean it's not like you're going to walk down the street with her face attached to yours. and please,everyone is beautiful the way they like their selves to be like her,she wants to be beautiful in that way then don't mind her and mind your own business. It's not like once you watched this video,your life will be miserable or something so lets just prevent hating other people with no good reason and be beautiful just the way we like us to be. I'm going to be honest in a way but I too was surprised by the transformation she have made and instead of hating,I just appreciated how much effort she gives to this and how beautiful she have become. so please,haters,I'm not being rude but please go away for the sake of peace.

  8. This look is very age appropriate for you and it looks cute except for that Rudolph highlight on your nose. LOL

  9. Kate Mullen says:

    She looyks prettier and younger without makeup

  10. Sherri Tobin says:

    Here's my age…47. I love your videos!

  11. Nicole says:

    Just wanted to say Wow!! I was watching this and had to show my fiancΓ© and he said, "Damn some people really know how to put on makeup!" Btw I'm 37 and it used to be I wore makeup all the time then went thru the faze of not wearing it all the time. Now I'm wanting to do it more often and I'm definitely tuning in so keep up your "Awesomeness"!

  12. Magg fifty says:

    2 completely different people. Makeup is meant to enhance natural features not transform the look of a person. Gosh!! Very deceiving.

  13. I'm 8 turning 9 sep 3

  14. You look amazing! Your skills are awesome.

  15. is it just me who can't hear anything?

  16. I am 38 years old and I'm amazed At your naturality and makeover. Stunning!! I would love to get a makeover by you!

  17. your after makeup looks soo flawless! you should do a tutorial of how you curled your hair i would love to see that

  18. If you're lazy then why do you do all that makeup its horrible for you're skin and pores it'll give you acne

  19. Imani Nedd says:

    I have the Morphe 35O Palette and it's just lovely. Definitely a thumbs u in general though.

  20. I wish i coukd do that. U look so beautidul but also beautiful naturally

  21. Peter Garcia says:

    I'm 16 years old can you do a makeup tutorial a guy turning into a girl with makeup

  22. oh my gosh .. another barbie … you loose your natural colors, what a pity, …. blond-reddish is so rare and charming ……. yes wonderful job btw
    I prefer natural and make up might be useful to cover up hugly faces not pretty !!!! this was a compliment πŸ™‚ hugs

  23. Adam D says:

    You have really good skills but you look like two completely different people in each video. I gotta wonder what happens when a guy meets you out and then realizes it's all just makeup when he sees you without it?

  24. i have headphones and my left is the one responding so something must be wrong with your mike

  25. you hAve so much talent. you look like a beach girl with no makeup and with makeup you look like a glam doll . btw i will be 24 as well !

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