Guys Try Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorials

I look like the crazy aunt.

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Ocean Swell
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Made by BFMP
Bryan Nuñez
Classic Christmas Glam Makeup Tutorial / MakeupByEmilly

Gold Smokey Eyes – Classic Red Lips / NikkieTutorials

Christmas Glam Makeup Tutorial / Nelly Toledo

ULTRA GLAM Special Occasion Makeup / Lauren Curtis

New Years Eve Glam Makeup Tutorial / MayraTouchOfGlam

Holiday Makeup Perfect for Christmas & New Years / Kristianathe


  1. "The eyes are the nipples of the face" "Glitter is the herpes of the arts and crafts" "you know what this needs? More glitter!"

  2. UltiOtaku says:

    "I would take you out on a TENDER date."
    "…….. Ya sure." triumphant smirk

  3. Hanan Muse says:

    "These wings wouldn't get me far enough if I was flying"
    Literally what I say to myself when doing makeup

  4. LEXIE LOVE says:

    oh , hahahahahah
    you guys would perfectly fit in being a girl if you had long hair!

  5. Enid Erin says:

    I am occasionally use my eyehadow w/ this brussh
    It is matched using the eyehadow that Ȉ used. It is easy to clean too

  6. I was your 500th dislike!!!!!

  7. tindr? i think they mean grindr & thats ok embrace who u r! but fr they dint do too bad i was a bit impressed

  8. Kate Arroyo says:


  9. DS says:

    "Did you do your nose contour yet?" I died when he asked that omg

  10. Those guys look kinda great, actually.

  11. "oh no ive got butt hole lips"

  12. omg this was made on my birthday yayyy

  13. I love that this is how I spend my time

  14. Amelia A says:

    "-I think I have a ghost in my apartment
    – what"

  15. JazzyCakes3 says:

    Jeremy is adorable!

  16. its on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. cool i dont wear makeup because it is too glimmery for me

  18. bleach rat says:

    bryans was really good !

  19. Pao Garcia says:

    I love how they seem to have chosen make up artists that slightly resemble the guys.

  20. Angel Face says:

    No Zachs here- I like his makeup tries- These guys did really good-

  21. glitter is the herpes of art supplies, you can never get rid of it.

  22. Joc Lourey says:

    "you look very healthy"

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