HEALTHY & SHINY HAIR SECRETS + Effortless Soft Waves Tutorial | MIssJessicaHarlow

Day 4 of #JESSMAS! Didn’t put on makeup for this video because I felt like taking a break from being a basic beauty guru for a moment! Hope you guys liked this video! This is how I do my hair when I only have about 10 minutes or less to do it! See you on Monday!

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Hi, I’m Jess & welcome to my main channel, MissJessicaHarlow! Here you can find me sharing my love of all things beauty, makeup, fashion, and style. I don’t think life should be taken too seriously and believe that it’s important for our mental and spiritual health to have fun and see the funny side of things. While you may find a lot of makeup tutorials, celebrity inspired looks and full on transformations, clothing hauls, look books, grwm videos, hair tutorials, etc. you’ll also find some ridiculous vlogs and silly videos thrown in as well. One of my favorite things to do is dress up as different characters I’ve made up, like Beverly or Suzie Dee, and give you guys a different perspective! 😉 Life is a constant experiment. In my “real life” I like to keep my makeup simple and natural, but every now and then I do like to do something more dramatic that may be inspired by Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian or even Megan Fox!

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I love the 2HR Express Tan in “Medium” for fair skin, “Dark” when I have a little bit of a tan already.


  1. Which hair color did u use ….plss i badly want to noe…its super awesome!!!!!!

  2. Can you do a update hair routine

  3. LaciAlysia says:

    love your hair!

  4. Is your hair in a lot of layers?

  5. When you go to get a haircut, what do you ask for?

  6. Han C says:

    Hi Jessica – could I ask what you ask for when you go to the hairdressers? Do you get layers?

  7. Noor N says:

    This is not even helpful because you're just born with beautiful perfect hair xx

  8. OK your skin looks SO good!

  9. Chloe Carno says:

    I wish i'd had your hair seriously <3

  10. MichMLavin says:

    Hey Jessica what shampoo do you use?

  11. Kat says:

    Omg I love your shirt LOL!

  12. Georgia B says:

    wow i'm actually super jealous of your hair

  13. Roxana Rauta says:

    Girl , you don't have to explain yourself for being natural!

  14. Réka S says:

    Soooo jealous of your pretty hair!! 🙂 Even if I do super tiny curls in a thousand sections, my hair drops in a day completly… Guess I'm forced to rock my straight hair. 😀 Btw what have you been doing to your skin? It looks AMAZING!!! :O <3

  15. a full minute of explaining why you're not wearing makeup. who cares? stop trying to please people and explain why you do things. its not necessary.

  16. zahra jafari says:

    skin care routine next please

  17. Kati Braun says:

    your hair is beautiful! I want to get it that healthy looking too! Do you brush your hair dry or wet? I am trying to prevent breakage in my hair

  18. Jocelyn says:

    Gorgeous hair!!!

  19. What you eat probably plays a big role. Can you do a video on what you eat in a day? x

  20. ShineOn1204 says:

    Hey Jess! You have a close resemblance to the Indian actress Katrina Kaif. Would love to see a tutorial on her look! 🙂

  21. your skin looks beautiful

  22. ThamyDF says:

    hello Jessica! I was wondering if you could do a graduation makeup tutorial!? I am graduating in two weeks and I would love to see what you could create! I love dark berry lips but I feel like it would be too much for the day! any ideas? thanks!

  23. Gil Hotomi says:

    I love your hear! 🙂

  24. you are beutiful already man…. i love u

  25. Samar says:

    okay HOW DID YOU GET YOUR SKIN SO CLEAR omg wow amazing i have right now the worst breakout i ever had and i don't know what to do it's gotten to the point where i don't wanna leave the house (and i'm 26 so not a teenie anymore)

  26. itsushma says:

    So what shampoo do you use?

  27. Asma Asgar says:

    u look gorgeous <3 <3 <3 I love your hair tutorials, cause they r always simple <3 <3

  28. Shooshita says:

    where can i find the top u r wearing !!?

  29. My favorite art was when you said you didn't know how to blow dry your hair with a round brush because I don't blow dry my hair as much, but when I do, I don't use a round brush either because I don't know how to as well lmao

  30. I've always been a big fan of your hair!!

  31. va ji says:

    Ur skin is looking better please do a skin care routine and some product to help with acne

  32. Hair envy for sure:) also, what are you doing with your skin? It's looking great!

  33. Nikki Ash says:

    So jealous of your hair & that shirt is amazeballs. <3

  34. Sherry Stec says:

    So what shampoo do you use???

  35. MalikaGodt says:

    Your skin looks so great here! 🙂 Could you do a skincare routine?

  36. Kay Chan says:

    where did you get your contacts

  37. Thay Majid says:

    thanks for doing this video I always thought that lots of hair products just give this kind of hair but it turns out to be wrong

  38. Arbn says:

    Hi Jess ! Do you have thin, thick or nomal hair ?

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