Hooded Eyes Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial ♡ Too Faced X NikkieTutorials Palette ♡ Jasmine Hand

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Hey guys! I am obsessed with Jayde’s face so I decided to film her again! I went with this cool toned, halo eyed, bronzey/smokey makeup look! haha everything really! I hope you guys love it as much as I do! Its 2am and I need sleep lol, thank you so much for watching! xxx

Comment below saying ‘I can see ya halo’ if you’re reading this
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♡ Products Used ♡
Garnier Micellar Water
Benefit That Gal Primer
Origins Eye Cream
Mac Studio Fix Foundation NC37
Maybelline Fit Me Conealer in Light
Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer
Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit (Pink Velvet)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Bro Palette (Soft Brown)
Tarte Cosmetics Clay Paint Liner
Too Faced X NikkieTutorials Palette
Model Rock Lashes (212)
Gerard Cosmetics Cher Lip Liner – http://bit.ly/1sAfUU2 (Use code Jaz25 for $ off)
Gerard Cosmetics Cher Liquid Lipstick (Use code Jaz25 for $ off)

♡ Brushes Used ♡
Makeup Addictions Cosmetics Stippling Brush (Primer)
Makeup Addictions Cosmetics Concealer Brush (Foundation)
Makeup Addictions Cosmetics Concealer Brush (Concealer)
Rebonne Large Highlighter Brush (Baking)
PONi Cosmetics Eyebrow Brush (Brows)
Makeup Addictions Cosmetics Concealer Brush (Brow Sculpting)
Mac 135 Brush (Bronzer)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Brush (Highlighter)
Rebonne Crease Brush (Transition Shade)
Mac 217 Brush (Brown)
Zoeva 223 Cream Shader (Gold ) – This is not the one i used but the one i used in the vid is no longer available but i found one the exact same!
Rebonne Fine Liner Brush (liner)
Zoeva 238 Luxe Precise Shader (Lower lash line)
Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer (Blending lower lash line) – Once again this is a brush that is no longer available but this one is very similar
Xo Beauty Lip Liner Brush

Disposable mascara wands: http://bit.ly/2aO9w55

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♡ Equipment ♡

Camera used: Canon 600D
Edited on: Final Cut Pro X

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♡ Music ♡
Konac – Home [NCS Release]
Tobu – Roots [NCS Release]

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  1. Dyna Soltani says:

    I can see ya halo

  2. YuniX2 says:

    "Hooded eye tutorial!" spends no time talking about what she's doing differently because it's a hooded eye, talks only about products

  3. The model talks a lot ! hahahahah i just wonder what she's talking about.

  4. stardust says:

    this girl is beautiful and i'm over here looking like an uncooked rotisserie chicken

  5. I wish I looked like her

  6. Omega13 says:

    Great artistry and beautiful model. I have to say I like the before better, though. Her natural beauty doesn't need that much makeup. It almost takes away from her stunning features.

  7. Best makeup artist on world!!

  8. te pareces a Karla Johansson:)

  9. Chicken Chow says:

    Subscribe to my channel it will mean so much !!

  10. roqaya st says:

    wooow i like it

  11. You look like a blond Adriana Lima

  12. Is doing your eye brows absolutely a must ?? I find it looks good even if they arent done (i have alot of eyebrow)

  13. Could've did her eyebrows better…

  14. A Volkova says:

    Oooh so you are behind these before and after pics i see on instagram. I was wondering who was the mua behind these looks. Finally found u!

  15. Her eyes are not "hooded"

  16. this is literally one of my favourite makeup looks of all time, unbelievable so classy

  17. Kristi says:

    Whoever that girl is, she's super pretty! I was hoping for more of an explanation of the technique for the eyeshadow application to hooded lids.

  18. Simone Renee says:

    First video I have watched of yours and honestly I think you look better without makeup

  19. Love Child says:

    Oh and I buy high end make up and almost got everything high end but not the powder such as the Laura Mercier magical powder but costly…

  20. Love Child says:

    I do not think this baking and brightening under the eyes is good for mostly dark skin ladies such as myself or I'm just using very bad powder, which I was told was good by one of my fav YouTube makeup gurus. .and she rocked it out but I have to remember these ladies are pros and I'm not…I've seen them use children's make up challenges and using only liquid lipstick for their make up …unreal!

  21. she should NEVER use makeup, looks so beautiful natural

  22. I love this look! if only I had heaps of time to do this to my face every moring. your one talented chick.

  23. Nice and professional until you shit all over the UD half baked. UGH

  24. Dora Majli says:

    Wow piece of real art, for sure! 😀 <3 Hey girls did you heard about a crazy giveaway sponsored by Ana B. H. it's a makeup set worth of 100$ but you can get it for free! 😀 Just follow this steps. Go to google, type in "anahillgw" choose your set and wait for the delivery to arrive, the delivery is also free and worldiwde! Epic, right? 😀 <3 🙂 :* <3

  25. It's fucking brilliant!!

  26. Grace Lewis says:

    Please don't title your videos with hooded eyes unless you're actually going to give tips about where to start and end the color for hooded eyes. (For example.)
    Beautiful makeup, (though I'm not a fan of overdrawing the lips) gorgeous girl, but misleading title.

  27. If i had that beautiful natural face, i would not wear makeup anymore

  28. Kim H says:

    When you started the video saying "I'm applying" I thought what the? Isn't it someone else applying the makeup. Then I noticed you're not the girl in the vide -.- lol

  29. Valeria J. says:

    I know a comment about a perfect brush set on the place last month
    I just want to telling my review on that brush set. It is super soft and feel nice on my skin. You should grab one for yourself too

  30. Tony U. says:

    Is it true that young attractive females get really farty around their menstrual cycle?

  31. Chaeyang _b says:

    my hood almost completely covers my eyeshadows,it is so irritating!it often looks like i didnt apply any eyeshadow,its only when i close my eyes slightly that one sees it….

  32. The American Beauty Association ( Aba ) is giving away makeup brushes on AbaMakeup ( . ) com be sure to uncheck the other offers there after checkout

  33. Elena KK says:

    I have hooded eyes too.. it's just impossible to put on eyeliner :/ it's looks shit and crooked :/

  34. amazing. i love all of your tutorials

  35. N JO says:

    Garnier water leaves almost a film on the skin, wandering how u apply makeup on top of that

  36. Qué bonito y natural wow

  37. Without makeup she looks flawless and gorgeous I'd rock a no makeup everyday with face

  38. alison says:

    she's so fucking pretty without makeup

  39. galpzize says:

    Mais que dire ici cela ?
    Rexuiz FPS Game

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