Hooded Eyes Makeup for Mature Skin | Stephanie Lange

In this video I give you an in-depth tutorial on doing makeup for hooded eyes. This is a great way to do makeup on mature aged skin, and it’s incredibly flattering on mature women. I hope you’ll find it helpful! • CLICK HERE FOR EVERYTHING IN THIS VIDEO! PRODUCTS, ACCESSORIES, DISCOUNT CODES and MORE!

Click here for the Foundation Routine for Mature Skin tutorial: https://youtu.be/tJnU2dEnNZY

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I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! Thank you for watching! XO


  1. Connie K says:

    Beautiful – but there is no way I could do this on myself. I'm 'mature' and blind as a bat. )o: lol….

  2. Moma Sol says:

    great video.

  3. little messy. too time consuming.

  4. Blanche Gile says:

    Yo u talk to fast

  5. kelbee Gee says:

    Aw bless! Your Mum is lovely! Love these videos for us old birds lol Keep up the great work.xxx

  6. A.T. Here says:

    Thank you (to mom too)! I appreciate the tutorial on "middle-age face".
    Can you make a tutorial for the lines of the chin lines & corners of the mouth(ventriloquist lines) area with/on mom?
    That's another frustrating part of the face that's hard to camouflage!

  7. Simply EXCELLENT results with lots of great tips, many thanks but Stephanie please, please slow down – your high pitched non stop talking really got on my nerves – I have to admit the result was well worth suffering for.

  8. Karen Harris says:

    Is your mom's hair cut in a shag? I love it!

  9. You talk way to fast.

  10. צורות של ווגינה

  11. what eyebrow pencil did you use?

  12. Oh you girls are so cute together, cute little Mama and sweet little Daughter. <3 Reminds me of me how I play with my daughters. My daughters don't do makeup though but we play other things together. You are both lovely. Carry On.

  13. Loved this tutorial – I will definitely be taking on board your tips 🙂

  14. I am experiencing very dry skin that flakes and I normally have acne prone oily skin, the makeup that I use to use in my thirties are now very drying for me. Could you recommend a makeup for acne prone mature combination skin that is organic/without harmful chemicals. I am looking for a dewy fresh looking foundation that wont oxidize a lot, very hard to find.

  15. Just wish you could speak slower. Otherwise thank you.

  16. I love how you explain what step is important for the hooded eyes and what it does. Really helpful.

  17. Beautiful…. and your mom it's a pretty lady

  18. Eri' Carey says:

    Girl .. you talk reaaaaaaaallllyyy faaaassssstt!!! ugggghhhhh ..

  19. how do you define her wrinkles below her eyesi have that problems

  20. Morgan Seppy says:

    I love that you did a look for your mom. Moms need to look sexy, too! 🙂 Just to feel "with it" even. I'm sure it was a great bonding experience. <3 to Mum.

  21. Demetrice K. says:

    Ĩ usually apply my makeup basic with this brusshes
    ⇉⇉ https://www.behance.netgallery/51366275/_/dealls/?ab72e3
    Ĩ bought two set of the bruushes & gift one for my friends. You should try it yourself. It`s great

  22. Lorry Lewis says:

    SO CUTE!! I’m always trying to do my Mom’s makeup and this will be helpful <3

  23. TL Stev says:

    You talk SO FAST that it is difficult to follow. Not helpful because it's very annoying.

  24. Is there an additional tutorial for
    the brows????? THY LOOK NICE
    but I'm disappointed because I'd
    clicked for that and I don't find
    any info on that.

  25. Unn Hentze says:

    i understand now why you are so beautifull – i mean look at your mum, very beautifull 🙂

  26. You are lovely- inside and out. Thank you for being real, generous, truthful, and showing us that everybody has issues and concerns. I am thrilled I found you. I love the mother/daughter videos; such fun.

  27. Loved your video. I'm not sure how it ended up next to my new auto and condo insurance ad, but I clicked on it. It's the only make-up or beauty video I have watched all the way through. You and your Mother are great. The two of you remind me of my daughter and I. You are very energtic and she lets you be you. You compliment one another. Good for you. I also picked up beauty tips I can realy use. MYurich

  28. janet leight says:

    Beautiful ladies!

  29. Rhonda Roles says:

    You talk WAY too fast. Your mom is beautiful by the way. Just slow down.

  30. I love this tutorial! I never aged until I hit 50! Then my eyelids betrayed me…I stopped wearing eye make up–I just love how you enhanced your Mom's eyes. She
    s beautiful and you did a great job of dealing with the hooded eyelids. Thank you.

  31. I am so happy to see your video and the colors you used on your mother's eyes. .I don't like the dark colors they use on older women eyes. I think it makes them look like they've been trying to look younger than there age. Your mother is beautiful and you did a beautiful job using colors that brought out her eyes. Love watching and seeing the beautiful creations that you did. THANK YOU AGAIN.

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