Hot Fire Smokey Eye Feat. The Jaclyn Hill Palette | Jaclyn Hill

Launching TOMORROW 6.21.17 at 8AM PST
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The Jaclyn Hill Palette
Flutter Lashes “Intoxicating”
Mac Extended Play Mascara
Colourpop Topaz Bronzer
Colourpop Blush
Jeffree Star Summer Snowcone Highlight
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat “Iconic Nude”
Tom Ford Blush Nude Lipstick
Dior Addict Lipgloss 001

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  1. I definitely wanna see a purple smokey eye !

  2. I would love to see a look using the pink/nude shades

  3. Kayla Cotter says:

    Hey! I recently bought a blush pallet and didn't realize they were CREAM! Do you use annnyy cream blushes? Or know anyone who does. I am struggling to blend them and like how they end up placed on my face…if that makes any sense. Answer, suggestions, or recommendations for someone wanting to learn and try this out?

  4. Kristina says:

    Will you be giving us more videos with your palette or should we go to other YouTubers?!?!

  5. Kate Hurst says:

    You used to be soooo real now everything is morphie everything and it's soooo annoying. Please just stop you used to be real and tell it like it is but now it's like a constant ad!

  6. Holly Ard says:

    It would've have been really cool to see how you thought through and fixed the highlight mistake. I feel like I make mistakes all the time without knowing how to work through it, and tips to fix from you and your experience would've been awesome.

  7. whyyy is this in german?:o

  8. T Holm says:

    I would really like to see a colorfull look with this palette! 😀

  9. Mar Vargas says:

    Gracias por la traducción

  10. Я одна тут русская

  11. So ur not gonna do another tutorial?

  12. Duygu Cinar says:

    I love you Jaclyn and I love your palette but I really wish you posted more looks and tutorials with this palette. You said you wanted to start with your signature look which I completely understand and post more different and creative looks later. It's been over a month since you've uploaded this and this is the only look you've posted. Overall, it is the palette that you created and your videos should be the main ones that people refer to when creating looks with the palette.

  13. Jovani Ortiz says:

    anyone notice how she confused the shade "Hillster" with "Roxanne"?

  14. OMG "you can create a different life if you really need to" LMAO

  15. Ana Ortega says:

    OMG Jaclyn i'm super in love with this makeup look that you created with your palette! I just purchased my own Jaclyn Hill Palette when you restock them and i am so excited to re-create this look!!! Love You(:

  16. Does anybody know what brow pencil is she using in this video? I need a new one and was hoping to buy what she uses

  17. thanks love it …will try soon<3

  18. Kay D says:

    More people have done numerous tutorials with jaclyns palette than Jaclyn herself lol. Kinda disappointing.

  19. Hey, is there anyway where you could do a giveaway and do fans makeup with your pallete…I would love that

  20. When is the Morphe setting spray going to be restocked?

  21. I just found your channel and I have to say its amazing. Your talented when it comes to makeup and I congratulate you on your palette. Next time can you put the brushes that you used in your video in the description box because I need new brushes and I want to buy the brushes that you use for each look


  23. Jessica Jay says:

    Will you be doing a tutorial on how you achieved the look from your reveal video?

  24. Please do more looks with your pallette!❤❤

  25. Ur Crzyluv says:

    Why does her face look swollen ??? Not being mean just concerned

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