Hi everyone! I’m back with a quick tutorial on this curly hair I found at the beauty supply store that’s super affordable and really easy to style.

Tip: Out of the box the parting looks close together and unnatural.
Before applying, remove some hairs around the wig parting to widen it to better match your natural part. I did not cut or layer this wig except to widen the part.

Wig – Motown Tress LXP Kay. (color F1B/30) Google for vendors.
On amazon – (price is higher)
Wig cap –

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  1. Kiley Nelson says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. what color liquid liner?

  3. Nice wig…what is the price for it and how long does it last

  4. InMyOpinion says:

    TRES BELLE!!! 🙂

  5. what's the name of this wig

  6. Hey hey, so how do you keep the wig looking fresh? Like from matting or how long do you wear yours before it gets old

  7. Kara Hale says:

    is this synthetic hair

  8. That's nice gurrrrrrrrrrfrannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! I need that!!!

  9. where can I get the wig to buy

  10. You did it! Another great style! I actually have a curly wig and I'm gonna try this look. Thanks!

  11. You are gorgeous and that looks great on you!

  12. Desk Manager says:

    So what type of wig is this, cause its really cute!

  13. Tieara Scott says:

    How do u color in the part pieces and what is used ?

  14. True Goddess says:

    What kinda wig is this

  15. I like you nails pretty color

  16. G P says:

    Now that is cute and effortless all these lacefront tutorials i just watch them i can definitely do this tho go right to my asian beauty supply store buy a cheap wig and kill it like its a lacefront

  17. description of where u get your hair from it poppin

  18. I thought I was her real hair at first good job lmap

  19. this is a nice hair

  20. Erica Minta says:

    Your hair looks great !!!

  21. Jen Robinson says:

    you're so pretty!


  23. chicnatural? did you order this wig in this turtorial? and if so is there is a web site to order because I love this look

  24. Bee W says:

    you go girl, it looks good. my daughter just started wearing clip on half wigs she calls it. they do look so natural if you put them in right. I am thinking of going this avenue.

  25. Zulma says:

    hahahah wonderfullllll !

  26. ldyreal says:

    That looks chic love it!

  27. Rosa Hodge says:

    Really pretty on you. Your tutorials are always on point. I am learning some good stuff…tks

  28. Dee Exx says:

    Gurl, you really are working that "do". I love it. I wish I could do that. My town is so small, everybody be trying to call you out when you wear a wig. Looks good, it really does. Thanks.

  29. I love that wig, it suits you perfectly

  30. loved it and you are so gorgeous <3

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