How to Apply Eyeshadow PERFECTLY (beginner friendly hacks)


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  1. brushes you use in the video would help… especially to a beginner…

  2. ari tam says:

    So where I am messing up is the the eye liner

  3. Would be such a waste of my precious life…

  4. china doll says:

    i love her voice

  5. Wow! that's so simple and easy but you already created a very dramatic look! Thank you! amazing

  6. what brand of eye shadow is she using does anyone know?

  7. Faby Valle says:

    It's look so easy but it's not 🙁

  8. Thanks so much for this tutorial! Truly helpful

  9. Um, holy shit that threading is definitely not beginner friendly. You didn't even explain how to do it, you just said it was really easy and then moved thread around expertly. The eyeshadow part was way too fast too and you didn't really show how to do it. I learned nothing that I didn't know. I'm trying to learn how to do it, that's the issue. I see you guys do it, but you guys don't stop and slow down to explain things. You need to talk to a beginner like a beginner, like they know nothing about makeup.

  10. XxSnowNinja says:

    she learned how to thread her own eyebrows.

    how tho

  11. Oda Kallevig says:

    where did you buy the eyeshadow palette?

  12. My friend is forcing me to watch this shit.. send help

  13. fishing 964 says:

    help i went to the dentist and now i cant talk .-.

  14. 9876cold says:

    HOW?! if I did this mine would look diffrent cause of the way i eye lid shape saddly. ue even though HOW?!

  15. can anyone please tell me what shadow palette she used?

  16. anika Oshin says:

    which eyeshadow pallet??

  17. What palette is that?

  18. hotroses3 says:

    I'm horrible! I tried with darker colors and looked like I got punched in the eye

  19. I've notice a lot of women that do their eye brows like this always get one side slightly bigger than the other! why is that?!?!

  20. atulsoni26 says:

    it is very good !!☺i love it!!☺

  21. Maria K. says:

    Gonna try this! But shit i don´t have a brush!

  22. Anon A says:

    Your voice reminds me of Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis from 13rw)

  23. AnimeBlog says:

    The eye makeup should be fun

  24. syreeta Hall says:

    omg beautiful but it's still hard lol

  25. i love this tutorial its great

  26. 2brunhilda says:

    Excellant video!! Thanks!

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  28. This is such a helpful video! Blend blend blend I love it! ❤️

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