How To Apply Your Eyeshadow Like a Pro

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I hope you all have a great weekend! I would love to hear your feedback on these types of videos, as I feel my strong point is being a makeup teacher. If you like this one, I’ll tape others showing different techniques 🙂
Thank you all for your support with the Makeup Geek line!

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  1. Omg this is so helpful. Thankyou so much. You got a new subscriber.

  2. navjot kaut says:

    nice and good guide

  3. Simona n says:

    Where can I get make up geek eyeshadows in England?

  4. DoeEyedFaun says:

    Did I totally miss when she talked about the dark color, which I assume would have been the 4th color and is uses in the outer "V". She seemed really excited to show us color combo's and skipped right over that fourth color. 😉
    Oh and your tutorials are wonderful!

  5. very useful video

  6. Renee Knight says:

    I would be stuffed without beauty gurus.

  7. I am really glad with the makeuup result everytime I apply this with the brush. I get it here
    I luv that makeup-brush due it has soft and great price, you have to check it

  8. Great Job. Thanks 🙂

  9. Robin H says:

    I deliberately looked for an old video like this because no one teaches you the basics anymore, they all teach the latest trends or they're own style. This is beyond helpful. Thank you so much.

  10. Faith Hadley says:

    About time someone explain the brushes and how to use them

  11. unpopped says:

    wow i didn't realize how skinny you were until this vid

  12. Becca Moses says:

    … i use one brush and my fingers for everything. two if you include the eyeliner/brow brush. shoot.

  13. Sudesh Gupta says:


  14. just came upon this tutorial in 2017. better late than never!

  15. I just found your channel and in only two videos I know more than I have ever learned in my 44 years of life. Thank you beautiful! I look forward to watching more of your videos!

  16. Mel P says:

    which colors are you using here ? You look amazing !

  17. yes, this was a very easy to follow you were great in trying to educate us.

  18. I love this tutorial thank you so much

  19. This is awesome I have learned a lot

  20. Rian Ellis says:

    you have lost some weight, you are looking fabulous!! you were already gorgeous but wow, you go girl!!!!

  21. Desiree Lane says:

    which one would be better for someone with droopy eyelids I am trying to learn how to make my crease up higher but I really don't know what I'm doing Its boring just having a plain eyeshadow eyelid & I worry about putting anything under my eyes for frar of drawing more attention to my very deep set dark circles

  22. Naturalmo_ says:

    thank for these videos

  23. Leslie Lewis says:

    Very helpful!!! Thank you!!

  24. i have been watching yr videos for about 2 months now and i have to thank u very much cause i have never been that good at applying make-up…but with watching yr videos i am getting so much better… yr videos make it very easy to understand how to do my makeup so i don't look like a clown anymore/LOL…SO THANK U VERY MUCH, AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  25. You dont have to feel trashy when your wear make up. I wear mine with strength and pride like an Indian.

  26. So helpful!! Thank you so much!

  27. Very helpful.  Awesome, thanks.

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