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How to Avoid Thick, Cakey Foundation! Today I’m going to show you how to achieve perfectly flawless foundation every time and how to avoid your foundation looking thick or cakey. So we all know that I’m a huge fan of foundation, because my skin is far from perfect. I have acne, rosacea, large pores and oily, sensitive skin. I like to use foundation to make my skin look as flawless as I possibly can. What’s NOT flawless though, is thick, cakey foundation. Instead of making your skin look better, it will actually make your skin look much worse. So in this video on the right side of my face I’m going to show you what things can actually cause your foundation to look cakey, and then on my left hand side I’ll show you how to avoid them!


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  1. Emily Watt says:

    are there any pigmented powders that don't look cakey?

  2. Lia AL says:

    could you do a blue-ish makeup tutorial?

  3. Lexi Hayes says:

    Thumbnail: How your makeup looks in person vs how your makeup looks on Instagram lol me afff

  4. I can't wear foundation on my nose it looks so cakey .. I have a oily nose

  5. Mimi Meyers says:

    What if you can't use a Beauty Blender products? I am allergic do to Latex Allergies.

  6. I believe that if you use the right powder, brush and motions you can use powder brush and pigmented powder without looking cakey. I do that and it isn't a problem.

  7. She looks so uhhhgggg…

  8. I followed all of the do's and still look like a donut

  9. Paola Borja says:

    thanks! best explanation

  10. Your video does not look so clear, I mean, the definition of the image is not so good, it looks blurry. My english is not so good, I hope you understand, I hope it doesn't bother you that I told you that, I loved the video but I think that it will be better if it was more clear to aprecciate better the skin, it looks a little like the filter of instagram that makes you look smoother…
    But good video, just trying to give you a piece of advide!

  11. Izzy -_- says:

    my whole face is basically pimples, oops

  12. There is no mistake 5.

  13. Thank you Stephanie! Yours is the best make-up channel on Youtube. You should have more subscribers. It's unfair!

  14. Don't you first have to moisturize it!!

  15. Theres so much lightining on that video i can barely see her face and make up

  16. why is make up so expensive?? im too broke for most stuff

  17. I feel like I do all the DOs and still look like the DONTs

  18. Tees Kat says:

    Hi thanks for your video, very informative, could you please tell me how to avoid under eye fine lines, they tend to remove my foundation and concealers after I applied them, also my eye lid make up doesn't get completely absorbed and as I open my eyes , it seems I have never applied eye shadow on my eye lid. Thanks in advance x

  19. Is a primer something that is a must ???

  20. oh my gosh, thank you for this. i don't wear much foundation, just a bb cream or tinted moisturizer because i could never figure out why it looked so thick and quite frankly worse than my natural skin. i was doing basically ALL of these mistakes! definitely doing it the right way from now on, you can't argue with your results.

  21. but what's with the different colors? that was super distracting

  22. Wow I had no idea. I'm so glad I found this

  23. trinipooh ;* says:

    if i have a translucent powder can i pat it down with a brush and pat it on lightly then brush it off or will it lift my foundation too?

  24. A. Day says:

    I mix liquid foundation with face moisturizer or sunscreen and that's it. Less is more. And I'm 41. The more make up you use the bigger is the difference when you go make up free. I'd only use the amount of make up shown in this video if I'm going to a wedding. However, I know the make up culture is strong in Western Europe and the US. I live in Ireland. I see that. I'm Brazilian though. I'm not buying into that.

  25. Moisturizer before you add foundation, leave the moisturizer for a minute then dab the foundation over it..

  26. rainfrog says:

    Wow, you actually look really nice without makeup! Your face has a unique beauty that a full face of makeup seems to erase/"normalize".

  27. Is it just me or does she sound Australian ???

  28. SARAH SAKURA says:

    thanks a lot
    please I have always a problem,I am 24 years old my foundation fill in my nasolabial fold smile lines which gets more obvious, I put the concealer or the foundation in that area cause a hv skin echoes and some dark spots there.
    please can you give me advise

  29. this help me! thank youu

  30. Amanda Kulp says:

    so many aholes in the comments

  31. Just use CC cream…. no homo

  32. Angie A says:

    you are good

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