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Hi Guys! Today I’m going to show you guys how to braid your own hair for beginners / How to braid step by step. I hope this tutorial is helpful , whether you want to learn how to do a frenchbraid, french fishtail or lace braid. ♥ Click show more for more Tutorials ♥


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Part 2 Coming Soon!

♥ Braid and Ponytail Tutorials♥

♥ Upside Down French Braid Ponytail :

♥ Chunky Double Dutch Braid Tutorial :

♥ How to French Braid ponytail :

♥ 3 Braided Hairstyles :

♥ Quick and Easy Ponytail :

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  1. Your hair looks so soft! Thank you for posting videos like this! I will keep practicing. You make it look SO easy!

  2. I will be trying this!!!!!!! Do you have a facebook page?

  3. LucieHolly95 says:

    Managed to do it the first attempt after watching this video, thank you! Been trying to do this for about 8 years!!

  4. It was very detailed thank you

  5. Ervin Grande says:

    Im a boy; im gonna do it to my mama. 😀

  6. QueenBean X says:

    You have gorgeous hair

  7. I love how you do your French braid. Before I watched this video I have been trying to do a french braid to my daughter, but it didnt go the way that I wanted. But when I watched your video it worked. Thanks

  8. Marci Turner says:

    Why do you say "tree" instead of "three" strand braids? What is "tree" strand? And with "split", sounds like you are saying "spit" the strands in the middle. Seriously!

  9. M&M _Ayli says:

    And u do it so good I tried my arm got tired

  10. i still braid like shit, my thick hair wont let me do any type of braid on it
    my only options are
    -pony tail
    -hair down

  11. Lilli pad says:

    This helps alot


  13. Rainyday Lps says:

    Hmmm maybe grabs brush ok I can do this brushes through curly wavy thick hair yeahhhhhhhh maybe another day

  14. Love the different braid. You are good instructor. How long is your hair? Mine is still too short to get much of a braid.

  15. I feel like I can do it better on myself than on other people. I just wish I had straight hair so they would look WAY better!

  16. I always wear mine in a loose french braid. I find it really easy to do

  17. How u braid your hair is so cool

  18. my arms are falling off….

  19. Amanda Chua says:

    This comment has absolutely nothing to do with the video

  20. wow this does help alot !!

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