I know it hard sometimes to find the right foundation for your skin, so I thought I would share my favourite products and share my tips on picking and choosing the right foundation.

My 3 Favourite Foundations

1. B Even Oil Control Foundation (Mocha) –
2. Lancome Tient Idol 24HR Foundation (13) –
3. Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk Foundation –



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  1. NYNY LOVEZ says:

    Did they discontinue the B. Even foundation?

  2. nadege king says:

    Ohhhh yeah I always mix …… Best result that works for me .

  3. Awesome video, great tips. I appreciate your honest input. Your make up looks fabulous

  4. obi2020 says:

    your arms and shoulders are giving me so much body envy in this video

  5. Divine says:

    you are so unbelievably cool! Love your videos

  6. iesha miller says:

    hi great video but cant find product anywhere online…..

  7. Aqua Mina says:

    Can't seem to find the B even one

  8. I'm sorry did they discontinue the b even foundation

  9. Pamm Meee says:

    you are so pretty!

  10. As a Beauty Advisor, I can honestly say this video is amazing! You did such a great job of describing and demonstrating everything!

  11. OMG…I LUV ur tone & accent (lol)
    I also want to thk u for this video, I hv a horrible time finding make-up my shade/tone & everytime I ask an consultant they look @ me like I'm crazy…I'll need like 3-5 different shades of foundation jus to find a close enough match for my skin…

  12. Annelie says:

    thats my skin to im light in some parts and dark in other parts

  13. Nyamal Yol says:

    you have a kinda British accent

  14. Excellent video, Patricia! What lashes have u been wearing lately???

  15. Aysia bleu says:

    What's your shade in the true match foundation?

  16. Could you please review some oriflame brands?

  17. Abi Belle says:

    my hands and my face are two different colors. how would you recommend that i test the foundation for my face???helppp pleaseee

  18. Berta TH says:

    The palest color on the warm, is darker than me. The amount of melanine I have is a joke :')

  19. Giggra says:

    How do u test on your hands and seem to get the correct color? I'm a brown girl and ma hand color is so far off from my face. Its so frustrating. lol

  20. Hey Patricia! I was going to try the B.even after watching this today but it seems to have sold out. Have you tried any of the other B.Even Foundations in comparrison?

  21. Hey beautiful ❀️ what kind of foundation would you recommend for a person who has a yellow/dark brown skin tone but also has a very oily skin AND lives in a high "humidity" or a very hot country Dubai and Somalia? πŸ™‚ hope you understand what I mean ☺️

  22. you're so prettyyyyy

  23. Bintu Tijani says:

    Where did she buy the Superdrug foundation because they don't sell it everywhere I've checked

  24. what's her Snapchat?

  25. You are fab honey……..

  26. Merienyz says:

    What's the name of the lipstick????

  27. Megatron X says:

    what foundation do you recommend for someone without a lot of blemishes? i want to wear foundation but they always make my skin look so fake when i go out into the sun

  28. Paula O says:

    That really helped me

  29. you are so fun to watch,lol I really enjoyed the video and I leaned a lot. Thank you.

  30. I am so jelly of your accent. and I love your skin tone. it's so beautiful. I subbed

  31. Hey Patricia … love this video but I have been trying to get the B. Even foundation but I can't find it. I tried super drug in Manchester and Bradford but they don't have the darker colors πŸ™

  32. you are one of my favorite ppl on here

  33. i live in china.. and its hard, almost impossible to find make up for dark skin… what do i do? i cant buy online without checking if it matches my complexion. what do i do?

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