How To Get BIG Lips | Makeup Tutorial

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Products Used:
Lush Sweet Lips Scrub
Abeeco Lip Plumper
Napoleon Perdis Contour Kit
Limecrime Velvetine in Cashmere (MAC Velvet Teddy as alternative)
Amuse Lip Pencil in Natural

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The brushes I use:
Amazing online store for cosmetics:

What I use to film:
Camera: Canon EOS 60d
Microphone: Snowball Ice Microphone
Edit: Final Cut Pro
Computer: Macbook Pro

Disclaimer – I was not sponsored in any way for this video.
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  1. You have lips like Blake Lively. They're nice.

  2. DJ Tildsku says:

    Oh my god, why you're so beautiful? I love you!

  3. Great tutorial! Thanks!

  4. elif k says:

    23 dislikes who gets lip injection and realize that it was unneccesary

  5. looks awesome girl. good job!

  6. lol well glad she said something, because my dumb ass would have ordered, not read, and then freaked out because I'm so so so allergic to bees

  7. I just found you and I think you are so gorgeous. ;-;
    I just want to throw that you have very nice natural lips. :3
    (With or without the lipstick you're still very pretty. ^__^ )

  8. bitchjeon says:

    my lips still looks incredible thin 🙁 but you look so good tho

  9. Simona H. says:

    You dont need that overlining babe ❤️

  10. Jen says:

    You have no idea how happy I am finding your channel ahh!! I've been looking for a cool-toned pale dark-haired makeup guru FOREVER. <3

  11. Will definitely try this! My upper lip is non existent lol

  12. RedRiddle says:

    Hi I just watched your vid and it helped me a lot, though I was wondering did you use the lip plumper on just your bottom lip or on your top lip to?

  13. I've noticed my lips are uneven. I love these tips. Thank you!! 😀

  14. Clumsy _sam says:

    your makeup is flawless

  15. Ciara Cawley says:

    My lips are a strange shape. When I put the lipstick on it looks awful.

  16. leyla sweet says:

    Thank you very much♥♥♥I love you<3from Russia

  17. I love dramatic lip colors like dark red, but my cousin told me that my lips are too pathetic for those colors. I have an art show coming up, hopefully this helps me pull off the lipstick I actually like!

  18. shriya Gupta says:

    you are beautiful 🙂

  19. I'm Australian and my lips are just as thin as yours, and this video has helped me so much <3 keep up with the good vids ps. I love when you do dark lip makeup tutorials

  20. Mahsa R says:

    subbed. Love you <3

  21. Katie Klein says:

    Love this tutorial. Just ordered this lipstick so now I need to grab the pencil. Thanks :-*

  22. Do you have a tutorial for your eye makeup? Its georgous!

  23. carli penton says:

    you are the cutest and the sweetest! just subbed:)

  24. Anna Q. says:

    Thank you, it helped a lot!! 🙂

  25. Alexandra_N says:

    Could you tell me the name of the lipstick and lip pencil ?

  26. but anyway your eyes are freakung amayzing and this look "natural" and it's fits you perfectly

  27. Laceyy Ann says:

    I can't wait to try this!
    I think my lips are even smaller than yours lol.

  28. Maygin Mace says:

    Just subbed! ❤

  29. more Leila says:

    i know you got the lip plumper in New Zealand but is there any website that sells it online? 🙂

  30. I just came across your videos and love them! You're gorgeous- over lined lips or not! Your whole look is spot on. I need to get on your level, girl haha I ADORE the fact that your eyeshadow and lips match in this one. Ah! Love!!

  31. Maham Shah says:

    this was so helpfull ❤ thankyou so much

  32. Pocajazzy says:

    You're gorgeous. New subbie

  33. Sarah Joseph says:

    You are so so pretty! QUESTION! Where can I get the amuse lip pencil??

  34. Oh my gosh you are so beautiful! I love this tutorial! I also want bigger lips, but not so dramatically big. I will definately be trying this out. By the way why would people care if you outline your lips or not? If it makes you happy go ahead. They shouldn't care lol

  35. Wonderful! You are a good teacher and if making your lips appear bigger makes you feel good, go for it! You do you girl!

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