How to Get Rid of Small Pimples! (Accutane free)

(NOT SPONSORED) • WHAT DO WE EAT THEN? grilled chicken, sushi, fish, fruits and vegetables, water, juice, tea, natural smoothies (even with a bit of dairy is fine mmm), meat pies, pastry, bread, barbecue food, noodles, pasta, jelly, biscuits, rice, fried rice is fine too, potatoes, many things :

– Potato chips (as long as its cooked in sunflower/natural oil 100% natural type of chips)
– Calcium intake (such as milk) (soy milk, almond milk, yoghurt is not good sorry. I didn’t realise.)
– fried chicken/fried food/french fries (as long as its cooked in olive/canola oil, basically not deep fried like fast food types :))
note* anything cooked in the oven without so much oil is also great! 🙂
– Egg (once in a while only, better boiled)
– Pizza (once in a while, make sure there’s more meat/toppings than there is cheese)
– chocolate/dark chocolate/any chocolate* (eat, chocolate biscuits instead eg. Oreos, Tim Tams … slightly better – look at the ingredients, may be made with cocoa powder. As long as it’s not complete chocolate chocolate hhaha 🙂 although may still give a little bit of pimples, but not as bad)

Peanut butter is bad. Nutella is bad. Butter is alright. 🙂

Remember any ointment, gel or product which contains benzoyl peroxide (with clindamycin is 100x more effective), is going to kill bacteria (pimples) Also, natural remedy which is good too which is basically benzoyl peroxide is Tea Tree Oil ! amazing 🙂 you can use this instead of the gel too. May take a little longer than the gel but it works too. You can also use both at the same time if you want.

Yes, you are pretty much going on a diet. But you will also be healthier as well 🙂 It’s beneficial. Plus, the difference will definitely begin to show on your skin 🙂

i understand it is difficult and I am not TRYING to make you DO anything. It is all up to you. Of course there are many other substitute meals/foods for eating some of the stuff I mentioned in my video. I believe as long as you don’t eat so much of it, you will be fine. Just stick to the other things I told you – such as exercise, good sleeping habits and consistent use of the gel/medicine/ointment/oil! I myself, still eat dairy, eggs and oily foods. I still break out a little but by cutting down from these foods just a LITTLE bit, still made a huge difference compared to my skin before !

I’m sorry, i really hope this helps! I’m not trying to encourage everyone to starve themselves. These are just my tips on how I got rid of my pimples (and I’m not vegan/vegetarian).

• is it bad to eat peanut butter? Yes.
• what type of skin do you have? Oily Skin (mostly focused on my T zone area)
• How long does it take to get rid of them? 6 weeks if done religiously.
• WHAT DO WE EAT THEN? grilled chicken, sushi, fish, fruits and vegetables, water, juice, tea, natural smoothies (even with a bit of dairy is fine mmm), meat pies, pastry, bread, barbecue food, noodles, pasta, jelly, biscuits, rice, fried rice is fine too, potatoes, many things 🙂
• Your accent?????? – I’m Australian and my accent switches between American and Australian and idk why 🙂 ahhahaha



  2. Päivi Metsi says:

    LOL i don't even like fries, milk or potato chips 😀 so that might make it a little easier, oh and i don't like pizza so that might be a little easier but

  3. I'm only 11 and I have lots of little pimples on my forehead and black heads on my nose and I'm only 11…. @-@

  4. Natalie Yem says:

    When I found this video I subscribed liked and commented lmao

  5. Isy_Lover says:

    Actually you're diet dose not have a shit to do with acne! FREEING SCIENTIFICALLY PRUVEN. Pores is basically the same as hair follicles , and you got pores on you're face bruh. So the hair folicols on you're face create this oil to cep the hair strong and healthy and when you don't wash you're face dirt can cover the holes fore the oil. You're body is a idiot and dose not realise this so it keeps making that same oil, and guess what happens next the pore expands making a bump, the bacteria on you're face comes and starts to eat the dead skin around the bump, that makes you're body send blood to the kill the bacteria, that makes the red skin around the bump. You're body also sends withe blood cells (that makes the puss). If you really wanna know what to do and why we get pimples, go watch asapsience.

  6. Jake says:

    I'm on a vegetarian diet as well as not eating any junk food at all (I don't enjoy it mind you it's shit and I want to destroy a fat cheeseburger) I still get them, it makes no difference. I went on this shitty diet to get rid of acne and pimples WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL THEM. They are still here, at this point I might as well chop my face off and run around like the joker. Hope you enjoyed my rant

  7. MarcDEN says:

    1:09 her small tits

  8. i literally live by eating all the "bad" foods so wtf am i supposed to eat????

  9. SayuriJairaK says:

    I'm trying this… After I eat all my ice cream and chips for good bye. My forehead is a bit better now due to skin care but the food kills me… ..

  10. Icy TheCat says:

    Welp I'm never gonna get rid of my pimples cause of food

  11. juvo says:

    When I think I'm in the clear eating healthy… "no nuts, peanut butter" m Mmm o k

  12. Okay so this is what I must do.

    1. Do not eat anything or drink any milk
    2. Wash my face
    3. Be sad because I starved because I didn't eat anything

  13. Hi Potato says:

    I'm so dead I just ate Ben and jerrys and lays im so dead

  14. Jade gagnon says:

    It's too much pressure for me, i can't do this anymore.

  15. Kate says:

    instead of doing all this i just put a hot towel on my forehead and then i use pore strips and its getting rid of those tiny pimples for me

  16. mintae says:

    "Spicy foods"

    stares at takis on the table

  17. Talk Toxic says:

    So live off broccoli? Hell nah

  18. Basically don't eat or drink anything

  19. Tiprasa Man says:

    will you marry me

  20. lilly says:

    i'm just gnna have one last pizza and i'm gnna try this

  21. "avoid stressing and staying up late" I'm literally watching this at like 8:25 AM because I didn't sleep at all and I'm stressing about school so ya know….

  22. Jitey says:

    u can eat whatever u want put on as much make up u want, with african black soap and shae butter u will have the smoothest skin like me. I have never had or experienced acne in my entire life

  23. Ashraf Salih says:

    I'm not even joking, everything you named is everything I ate. But I'm motivated and I'm not going to touch any of them for a straight month.

  24. I don't eat a lot of these food and my moisturizer has tea tree oil already but i still have to tiny pimples. what am i doing wrong 🙁 I AM SO MAD

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