How to get Soft, Smooth Lips – DIY Lip Scrub

Learn how to make this easy Lip Scrub and get soft, smooth lips in no time! I call this flavor Lemon Honey Drop. If you found this helpful be sure to SHARE and LIKE!

How to get Soft Smooth Lips – DIY Lip Scrub

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  1. Farwa Imran says:

    It works great thanks, I even tried it on my face and my face was so soft.

  2. Vicky Nyasha says:

    Will coconut oil work?

  3. I'm not gonna use the lip scrub if its edible I'm just gonna eat it

  4. I didn't bite my lips until this video

  5. Can i use corn oil instead of olive oil?

  6. ew ur gross u arent supposed to lick ur lips ew

  7. is the flavor optinal?

  8. PinkySimmer says:

    Thanks so much for the helpful tutorial. I now can make my own instead of going to Lush every 2 months to get a new one. Plus, It's very cool because you choose the flavor of it. In Lush, I found Bubble Gum, Vanilla, Chocolate, Honey. All of those weren't good, ended getting Bubble Gum. Now, I can make edible one and the flavor of my choice. Thank you so much~ you've earned a new subscriber. Love you. <3

  9. Love this lip scrub

  10. Keira Kirby says:

    I love you tiifyquake

  11. Wolf Me says:

    Do we have to use honey? Could we use maple syrup because I have no honey

  12. can i use cooking oil 🙂

  13. Ashley Cute says:

    I made it and i put it on my lips.

    i ended up eating it.

  14. Aizah Asam says:

    how long we can keep it and do we need to put it in fridge

  15. Scott Gamer says:

    does this work on boys in aunder age

  16. could you add food coloring

  17. Alana Young says:

    Do you have to add honey

  18. DeAnna Moe says:

    After reading the coments i will…still eat it XD idc it tastes to goood XD

  19. Hash Slinger says:

    I don't think you're really supposed to eat tea tree oil

  20. You aren't supposed to ingest jojoba oil. I'd use coconut oil instead.

  21. Yoon Wong says:

    can we use olive oil instead?

  22. Hoan Tran says:

    If you can please answer. Can I use Vegetable oil

  23. it works i tried it

  24. What if you don't have honey..

  25. Ruby Marlene says:

    I just like to eat this… Like, I don't even put it on my lips I just eat it..

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