How To Look Like Miss America – makeup tutorial

Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan – tutorial on how I do my makeup. I got so many requests to show how I do my makeup, I finally got around to creating a tutorial video! Let me know what you think!

This shows makeup a little heavier than my day-to-day wear, but not quite as dark as I typically do for stage and competitions. Want to see other looks/more? Let me know in the comments!

This is a good demonstration of why I believe it’s so ridiculous that many people watch the pageant and say, “I don’t look like that. These women aren’t average women.” Not true! Look how different I look without my hair and makeup! I haven’t ever turned a head when I’m out and about with no hair and makeup done, but when I’ve finished getting ready, I break necks. I love hair and makeup transformations! They’re so fun to play around with! Who doesn’t like playing dress-up? (;

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  1. Bodiedbyt says:

    thank're amazing.

  2. If we all wear wigs we could look like Miss America.

  3. can u tell me what the band is that u have on ur head? does it stop ur wig from sliding or moving around?

  4. cake23451 says:

    i think you dont need makeup your beautiful

  5. Peyton Ring says:

    Can you list all the products you used?

  6. love this. Could you do more make up videos with different looks? Love yours, and it was so easy to follow. Love TPF cosmetics!

  7. Alyssa Munro says:

    enjoyed this 🙂

  8. Love it. Very pretty

  9. RPdigital says:

    I have always thought, that women have got more beautiful within every next decade,
    lately I have realized that beauty industry has been developed.

  10. What is the white powder that you used called?

  11. I love your tutorial!! Thank you so much for all the tips!  I also feel that my nose is a bit large and seeing how you contour yours really shows me how to make it appear much smaller!!  So easy peasy and so pretty!

  12. caliguru222 says:

    this is actually really good and descriptive! 

  13. She does look better with blonde hair, it probably got her the pageant, she has very short brown hair so I see why she wore a wig, I think all pageant gils wear wigs as a confidence trick.

  14. Whitney Rose says:

    What shade foundation are you using?

  15. you look a lot better with blonde hair

  16. Are you doing a voice over or is your sound off?

  17. alicia ned says:

    How did you make your cheeks smaller

  18. Deonna Minix says:

    Is this dubbed or is there an audio lag? Really helpful video, but the words don't match and it bothers me a little lol

  19. Paige Piskin says:

    You are so pretty! love the look

  20. Denise Smith says:

    Do you have to have a degree to participate in Miss America?

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