My beauty blender is a product I can’t live without, but if you aren’t using it correctly you aren’t getting all the benefits from this tiny sponge! I’ll show you how to use it correctly to apply liquid foundation, concealer, highlight, contour and even powder plus how to clean it.


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  1. Niki Laura says:

    I love the beauty blender!!!

  2. does is matter if you run it under cold or hot water??

  3. Hritu Rawat says:

    thanku mam…good blender does wonder…

  4. FlaMasker says:

    nooo, i thought this was making a beauty in the blender software Dx

  5. Your smile is so pretty I wish my smile was like yours

  6. Ameera Jamal says:

    hi i'm sorry if this questions sounds so stupid, but can i make my beauty blender wet using my setting spray?

  7. DTCeventing says:

    I got my beauty blender $4 from kmart (Australian stores, dont know how much for any other country) and its lasted me over a year, I aint buying $25-$30 beauty blenders

  8. hally dai says:

    hi,i am seller,I have the product to cooperate with you and look forward to your reply

  9. Miette Craig says:

    You are so orange, that does not match..

  10. Do you recommend using a beauty blender for blush or a brush?

  11. when you fuck when you get them.. what?

  12. +Marianna Hewitt Do you like to original pink BB or the black pro BB more??

  13. I always choose bold eyes style, as well as applying it with my number one bruush from here
    The softness of the brussh set, that is one of the reason I am choosing them. I made it as a gift for my sister as well as she obsessed too! <3

  14. Thanks so much 😀

  15. Whenever I apply foundation it turns out flakey and patchy, but I have oily skin it doesn't even make sense!
    Does anyone have the same problem?

  16. Sadiqahxxx says:

    You're so pretty omg

  17. that is not your colour…

  18. Gupta Nancy says:

    blnder ko wet nh krte before applyng foundation

  19. Kisha Joanne says:

    omg I used mine dry and swiped it across my face and was like ok now wat, tysm for this I needed it so badly

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