Today I’m TESTING INSTAGRAM Beauty Hacks with my friend Manny! Go Watch our TRUTH or DARE Get Ready With Me on his channel HERE » » » and Subscribe – He’s Hilarious – you’ll love him just like I do!!! xo’s ~ Tati

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  1. hate that 2 face queer

  2. Whoaa you guys are more than beautiful ❤️ Self tanning routine pleaaase

  3. Vanessa C says:

    Tati, why is your channel no longer offers closed caption? Can you please put closed captions back on your channel. It's not the same watching your video without a caption. I hope you reconsider this. Thank you

  4. Joy Che says:

    Tati looks so pretty even without make up

  5. Gina bennett says:

    I LOVED this video!!! Love you BOTH!!!!!

  6. Aadin Heals says:

    "BABIES" -Tati lol

  7. Lena Rad says:

    He's so pretty without makeup omg

  8. This was hilarious! What I've seen of you Tati was someone that seemed almost like my mother or teacher. Like very professional and classy and uptight a little bit but this video made me see your fun side! Love it

  9. I think the water should be cold.. hmm..

  10. Claire Bear says:

    He went jet skiing in a sweater omg I can't

  11. Sandra L. says:

    Re the baloon and sponges etc. We have fingers guys! If you end up with No brushes use the Best tool for foindation that mother nature gave you

  12. hahahaha you guys made me giggle so much! xo from my channel to your’s <3

  13. Karen Muñoz says:

    we need perm foundation lol

  14. Jay Jason says:

    Manny is soo cute

  15. I love when Tati talks about how nice it is to watch Manny. I feel the same boo!!

  16. 'She looks sickening.' 'She looks sickening.'

  17. judith says:

    what do you use to wash your dishes with

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