January Favorites 2016 | Makeup Favorites | Skincare Favorites | Cate Trunnell

January favorites 2016! I have some makeup favorites and some skincare favorites in my January favorites 2016 video. I have a mix of drugstore makeup products as well as some high end eye cream recommendations. Thanks for watching! Please give it a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe! xo-Cate

Huge Drugstore makeup Haul & Swatches

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Products Mentioned
Loreal Brow Stylest Definer
Maybelline Master Prime Eyelid Primer
Physicians Formula BB Concealer
Rimmel The Only One Lipstick in Oh So Wicked & Naughty Nude
Real Techniques Sponge
Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Lolita & Lolita 2
Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser
Boscia Charcoal Sponge
Bobby Brown Hydrating Eye Cream
La Mer The Eye Concentrate

Thanks for watching my January Favorites 2016 video!

As always this is a makeup tutorial for women over 40 because I am a woman over 40 and a eye makeup tutorial for blue eyes and brown hair because that’s what I look like! 🙂

January Favorites 2016
over 40 beauty guru
eye makeup over 40


  1. Marla Giardina says:

    the UD one did nothing for me, I have a mac one but it’s the mineralized
    one. Do u use or tried any Tarte products? I’m researching the Maracuja
    line since the concealor is from them.

  2. Marla Giardina says:

    I am at my wits end with my under eye issues . Dry and gets really crepe
    with creasing!!! I’ve been to Ulta every week for changes and different
    products. Currently on Its potent eye cream, porefessial primer and tarte
    concealor . The list tried is craxy…bye bye under eye, Laura geller, mac,
    etc and primers I’ve tried 2 or 3
    different ones as well. It’s so frustating! Any suggestions?

    • Cate Trunnell says:

      +Marla Giardina I am with you 100%. I have tried SO many different products
      for my under eyes it’s ridiculous. To cover the dark circles I like the
      peach side of the MAC Studio conceal and correct duo. It’s not too heavy
      and is a good first step to concealing. For concealer I like the Urban
      Decay Naked Skin concealer and the Maybelline Fit Me. The Maybelline age
      rewind is good too but lighter coverage I think. The Age Rewind neutralizer
      is good for the dark circles as well. I think it comes down to skin prep
      and care. Some under eye treatments are too harsh for me and just cause
      dryness. I really like the Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream I talked about
      in the video. It really makes a difference in how the concealer goes on.
      Hope that helps!

  3. Eveline Hecklinger says:

    You look gorgeous as always, love your eye look. I enjoy that brow pencil
    too, I bought it when I purchased the cushion foundation (which I like). I
    have been bored out of my wits sitting around here..lol. Gives me tons of
    time to play with make up. There is a channel here Not Just Beauty, she is
    a Florida girl and has only 7 subscribers. If you have time maybe you can
    check her out. I think she is super sweet and I like her videos. I feel bad
    that she can’t get more people to watch her stuff. I have been playing with
    that Gwen Stefani palette and love the blue in that palette. I had to
    review these false eyelashes and used that for the pictures, awesome color.
    Hope you are well, lots of hugs from Michigan.

    • Eveline Hecklinger says:

      +Cate Trunnell I have to redo the eye look, the lighting was awful for the
      picture. I can’t go to work for at least another 10 days and I get why,
      recovery is kind of slow.
      I will try to recreate your look, since that is all I can do. I even did my
      two teenage daughter’s make up yesterday. I feel bad for them….lol.
      I feel bad for that gal, she seems so nice and can’t get anybody to watch
      her stuff. I think youtube should be a little more supportive of new

    • Cate Trunnell says:

      +Eveline Hecklinger Thank you! I filmed that eye look as a get ready with
      me video that will (hopefully) be up tomorrow if I can get it edited by
      then. I will check out her channel for sure. It is so hard to get views on
      YouTube without a lot of subscribers. They don’t really do a good job of
      giving new people promotion that’s for sure. You need to send me a picture
      of the blue eyeshadow look you did! How much longer is your recovery period
      supposed to last? I feel your pain (literally lol) it was so boring!

  4. Monica M says:

    Your eyes look amazing, I love the shadow and the waterline liner is making
    your eye color really pop 🙂
    I’m going to try the BB eye cream, not in desperate mode yet but good to
    know the La Mer is a good option.
    Another great video Cate!

    • Cate Trunnell says:

      +Monica M Thank you! I saw the La Mer counter when I was in NYC and it was
      like a moth to a flame. Must have it…! I’m so glad I got it but the
      repurchase is going to be painful. Let me know if you like the BB Concealer.

  5. gabrielsmommy says:

    I still need to get that eye brow pencil, I keep forgetting everytime I go
    to target. And you are rocking that lip!! Lolita 2 looks gorgeous on you.
    Great favorites! Wish I could afford anything LaMer, I keep hearing that
    line is so luxurious. Thanks for sharing your faves.

    • Cate Trunnell says:

      +gabrielsmommy I wish I could afford La Mer too! That was such a splurge
      for me the re-buy is going to be super painful. It works so well though
      it’s totally worth it. You need o pick up that pencil ASAP! It’s sooo good.

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