Jennifer Hudson Makeup Tutorial by her Personal Makeup Artist

We had the Liberty to Interview Celebrity Makeup Artist and Jennifer Hudson’s Personal Makeup Artist SHANNON PEZZETTA.

Shannon recreates and gives us tips on Jennifer Hudson’s look for the Oscars!!


  1. it looks horrible to me

  2. momma05boyz says:

    work looks patchy. …I can still see the hair around her llip…… not a fan of her work sorry

  3. Kenzie says:

    she is my aunt (shannon pezzetta)

  4. And is it me or did this look a fool

  5. The makeup artist seems high as heck and I wasn't impressed at all with this application

  6. VampirellaPR says:

    The girl looks ashy.

  7. IT WAS……….OK

  8. Werid 1000 says:


  9. Tracy Renee says:

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  10. Very nice. Pretty face

  11. Raina Farzin says:

    can you apply on your show of bollywood diva bipasha basu and esha gupta hairs and makeups. 

  12. R. Vine says:

    what lashes and glue are you using?

  13. MsLeelee94 says:

    i have never found the right foundation color i have so many but they are wrong i always look ashey or my ex said i looked dead looking …lol

  14. nickyworth25 says:

    Very pretty, love how natural the highlight and contour look…too bad the lighting was so yellow :0(


  16. OMG Guys you can sanitize It with rubbing alcohol spray..jeez!

  17. Alexus K says:

    Has the client been crying, she loos not so happy and or willing 

  18. Looks good, but oh my gosh that's sooo much makeup.

  19. MrKiwispirit says:

    makeup artist does anyone know her name does she have a channel

  20. The lighting is too hash i couldn't even make out what the transformation was..but it was informative in her commentary.

  21. Ava Asandhu says:

    Her face did not look good at all. The person doing the make needs to go back to school. Her eyes did not pop she just looked brown all over. Next time listen to Jennifer Hudson I see why she did not like this look!

  22. her eyeshadow, creased, a helpful tip is to not apply foundation to the lid, a primer or even an eyeshadow base works really well.

  23. beautiful application

  24. Great job contouring!

  25. Beautiful look! Those lashes look amazing!

  26. she look ugly cos she dont smile

  27. Great video. I just wish it did not have music in the background.

  28. WOW! what a transformation! This just goes to show you… You don't need mounds of make up to be beautiful!

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