Jennifer Lawrence Catching Fire Makeup Tutorial! The Hunger Games 2 Red Smokey Eye Makeup

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In this back to school life hacks video I show you how to make a couple of DIY pencil cases. First one is made out of empty bottles. This DIY pencil case is so affordable and easy to make. You can leave it plain like me or you can decorate it with stickers or markers. Another DIY pencil case is made out of your favorite candy bag. Candy packages are always so pretty and colorful. I am so happy that in this DIY school supplies video I can teach you how to make an awesome DIY pencil case out of your favorite candy bag.

Another must-have when going back to school are notebooks. I show you three DIY notebooks life hacks in this DIY school supplies video. The first one is the DIY liquid notebook, which is hands down the most amazing notebook I have ever seen. This notebook is so glittery, sparkly and gorgeous. Plus it’s pretty easy to make too. Other two DIY nootebooks ideas are made using potato stamping. I show you how to make gorgeous DIY notebooks for back to school using potatos. I created a DIY watermellon notebook and a DIY triangle notebook.

You also need a DIY school bag when going back to school. In this DIY school supplies video I show you how to transform a plain backpack into a gorgeous DIY rainbow snapchat filter school bag. I love how this one turned out and all you need to make it is some acryllic or fabric paint.

What else do we need when going back to school? DIY pens and pencils of course! I show you how to make the world’s most beautiful liquid bendable glittery pens. These are seriously so much fun to make and so unique. So if you nat to have the most epic pens at your school, this is definitely a must-try DIY for you. Another super creative idea is a DIY lipstick pencil. They have your favorite lipstick on top instead of an eraser. How cool, right? These DIY pencils are so easy and cute.
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