Kylie Jenner | My Makeup Routine/Tutorial | by Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner shares her daily makeup routine!

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  1. KylieSnapz says:

    Kylie Jenner has filmed a longer & updated 2017 version of her makeup tutorial!

    Watch it here –

  2. Someone make a track list for all the frank ocean please

  3. Nara Threiss says:

    Realmente maquiagem faz toda a diferença. ..

  4. Olga Fedele says:

    My sister loves you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Ronnie Hicks says:

    Love watching your routine, as always.

  6. A L says:

    How is it scientifically possible to change your looks so much? I know plastic surgery but she looks like a different human

  7. Pati says:

    so beautiful

  8. She looks like the frog from the meme. She needs help

  9. Ann Davies says:

    She looks like a Michael Jackson impersonater lol

  10. Jens Lepping says:

    Keine arsch Implantate? Bist doch ü 18

  11. Their were so many songs playing it must have taken her like 30 min to do her makeup. That's sad. She's naturally ugly.

  12. your lips is not good

  13. I love how Kylie do her own makeup it's so beautiful

  14. Mllex Ines says:

    Her makeup is so stunning

  15. has 100 pounds of makeup on

  16. This is not Kylie Jenner, it does not look like her at all, I thought this was a Kim Kardashian impersonator although her eyes are a bit larger. Kylie Jenner looks like her father before she transitioned.

  17. she has one of the most fake looks she was beter without the surgeries she looks like a 30 yer old now

  18. Love how she handles the makeup cases

  19. Dalia Macal says:

    Tan jóvenes y requieren de tanto maquillaje !! Que horror!!

  20. NicoleFavs says:

    I'm a Latina girl watching the comments, I can not believe the hate that Kylie must endure with her offensive comments.
    If she operated on is very much her problem, she did not feel sure of herself, what's wrong?
    Why do not they just enjoy the video without criticizing? What stress.

  21. The smallest forehead I've seen in my whole life

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