Lipstick Color Tutorial & Lip Art Compilation! Best Makeup Ideas

Lipstick Color Tutorial & Lip Art Compilation! Best Makeup Ideas are great makeup projects to make at home

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  1. Dajana Mitic says:

    Am i the only one ho is scared of these Lips

  2. Mary Dyson says:

    The colors she uses are really cute:3

  3. Xiomara Soto says:

    Why are their teeth so perfect D:

  4. Why is everyone complaining about them having lip injections, botox, ect? If the way their lips look make them feel confident and happy, let them have it. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they don't.

  5. ال عربي الي يحب الحمره لاااااااااييييككككككك يا كبير

  6. Manisha Sahu says:

    beautiful lip shape

  7. So what if they lips are big or injected? if you all don't have something nice to say about this video, might as well leave.

  8. Beautiful Lips! <3 I'm in love.

  9. It's it just me our every person on this video has big, plump, beautiful lips

  10. Greetings chick you can get some spectacular free makeup at

  11. el brillo es comestible?: v

  12. This is amazing and satisfying. I'm just starting up my channel can people plz give me a sub.

  13. how do you do it so precisely???? D:
    i'm so incredibly jealous

  14. omg actually lip goals

  15. Why all the girls in this vids have botox in their lips?!

  16. ola g says:

    te usta są nie naturalne … i pewnie tak naprawdę to wygląda brzydko gdyby pokazana była twarz

  17. bane ross says:

    omg m8,why don't you just inhale the damn lipstick tube instead of putting it in your mouth?

  18. This was akwardly satisfying in a good way!

  19. Is it just me or do her lips look really big?

  20. All of their lips are so big, its disgusting, but its sooooo pretty

  21. i'm getting lip injections

  22. I love this video!!!!!:-)

  23. Marion T says:

    Instagram, the only place where the lip gloss brush is the size of their whole lip

  24. Marion T says:

    Do you see all that glitter getting in her mouth?!?!

  25. Marion T says:

    Excuse me miss, your botox is showing

  26. XØNIA says:

    Myb some of them have big natural lips(i don't think so but k)stop saying that they're fake like a i have big natural lips

  27. Dina Sayenko says:

    these will have problems kissing someone

  28. All these people saying the ones doing the lipstick got huge lips because lip injections while there's me with normal huge lips xD

  29. Skye Blue says:

    If I had such lips I swear I would be touching them all the time

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