Lob Hair Tutorial – My Hair Styling Routine | Medium Length Hair

Hey friends! I’ve been so obsessed with my shorter hair (& have even been thinking of going shorter) so I thought I’d show you how I’ve been styling it differently since I chopped it! Thumbs up this video if you like it & subscribe so you don’t miss out on more videos like this one! http://goo.gl/fEKBAH

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Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press http://bit.ly/2gwOi0o
Bellami 3 in One 1″ Curling Wand http://bit.ly/2a3wt59
Redken Hairspray http://bit.ly/2gwNGbm
Klorane Dry Shampoo http://bit.ly/2eDU230
Agave Oil http://bit.ly/1SviCV4

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  1. Cayla C says:

    Love this! You explained the steps really well!

  2. I just donated 12" of my trademark hair and I haven't handled it well. This video helped get motivated again. Thank you for your thorough and patient explanations. My hair doesn't quite look like yours, but now I have goals and I'm excited to try again tomorrow morning. Subscribed and excited!

  3. beautiful iv just cut mine t yr length

  4. Gabby Sandi says:

    This is beautiful- love it. Thank you for sharing!

  5. This was GREAT! Everyone is doing the LOB these days including me and you did a great job explaining exactly what to do. p.s. You are very pretty too!!! You have a new subscriber. 🙂

  6. Julie Seal says:

    This was super helpful thanks

  7. this looked soooo good !!

  8. mandamariex says:

    You should cut another 1-2 inches!

  9. GSL Makeup says:

    Loving this cut on you, I've been looking for hair inspiration for my next cut in January.

  10. Moroccan oil is my favorite and smells amazing

  11. Please do a video for this makeup look!!!!

  12. Pai Shau biophasic infusion is an amazing oil made from exotic tea

  13. Kaci Glenn says:

    How do you get your hair colored? Is it just highlights?

  14. Just found your channel tonight! I just chopped my hair too! Thanks for the tutorial! And PLEASE, do a holiday look!! Not sure how to style my new hair. Thanks!

  15. Laura Keane says:

    Love it thank you.
    What colour do you use on your hair?

  16. Sonia L. says:

    I like it, "Raise the Root" its supper nice and very helpful!

  17. msshorty681 says:

    I love this hairstyle! I'm not able to do this to my hair because I have Arthritis in my hands and cannot use a wand or curling iron on my hair. My hair is naturally curly and I do my hair the same everyday. I'm getting so tired of it.

  18. Elisa Ramos says:

    Going to need a tutorial on this eye look!!

  19. You're rocking that lob!

  20. alma1015 says:

    Chop!!! Chop!!! ✂️✂️ it looks so good shorter!! Super full and healthy.. don't be afraid to chop off one more inch.. it'll grow super fast anyway lol

  21. I cut my hair similar to this about a month ago just a bit shorter in the back and the hair stylist told me to style it exactly like this when I want a curled look! looks great 🙂

  22. Brytenae says:

    This is EXACTLY how I do my hair with some different products! I'm still an "it's a 10 girl" and love the living proof style primer! Helps me with texture when my hair gets too silky and lasts for days I finish with Marc Anthony morrocan oil! Because it smells like heaven!!! Bring on the holiday tuts!

  23. mimilvsmkup says:

    You're so pretty!!

  24. wella luxe oil…its the best!!!

  25. Sara Grace says:

    This was very helpful and I love the tip about using the wand to add extra volume at your scalp!

    P.S. Go shorter! 😉

  26. Emabegum005 says:


  27. Our hair is practically identical so this video is super helpful! Lol thanks so much girl<3

  28. Lori Frank says:

    Where do you get your hair colored and cut at I'm from Chicago land area your hair looks amazing by the way you're beautiful

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