long lasting, flawless full coverage foundation routine – Full face makeup bronzer, blush, concealer

Hi guys,

Hope you are all keeping well. I have been getting tones of questions on my full coverage makeup routine and how to make my makeup last all day. I hope these tips are somewhat helpful.

love you all,

Eye makeup – https://goo.gl/NI8pg8
lipstick- nude one from penneys/primark

Products used
Loreal Nude magique blur cream http://bit.ly/2b3PmDm
L’Oreal Perfection True Match Crayon Concealer http://bit.ly/2ajd2GN
Estee Double wear foudation in Wheat http://bit.ly/2ajcQYc
Beauty blender http://bit.ly/2ajcOiU
MAC pro longwear concealer NW20 http://bit.ly/2b3P7sl
MAC mineralized skinfinish – Light http://bit.ly/2aje6L3
Inglot HD powder – 45
Inglot contour shade 502 http://bit.ly/2b3OU8d
Nars blush orgasm http://bit.ly/2b3OLlt
MAC soft and gentle http://bit.ly/2ajdLYx

Favourite makeup brands:
Makeup geek site: http://www.makeupgeek.com/store?acc=a516a87cfcaef229b342c437fe2b95f7

Sigma brushes: http://sigma-beauty.7eer.net/c/156703/146780/2835
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Video was filmed on Canon EOS 600d
All editing was done by me using imovie

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  1. Ayet P says:

    wow! ur so amazing…two thumbs up for u babe

  2. 604doll says:

    Looks geat!!!

  3. Ella Marie says:

    yes What a transformation. wow. there's hope for me yet then. LOL.

  4. iv never watched a make-up video and someone talk so much like its crazy please DO MAKE-UP and not talk so much PLEASE

  5. OMG shes so pretty and does a great job!! BUT WOWWW YOU TALK TO MUCH GEZZZ

  6. Hannah Clary says:

    the loreal magic blur cream I cannot find, did they change the packaging?

  7. You are pretty good. Love it x

  8. 78 says:

    Wow you really are a dog without makeup. Woof!

  9. Ali Ali says:

    نبغي خطوط العين الوضع الاي شدو

  10. Jocelyn says:

    You look gorgeous even without the makeup love! I really enjoyed this video it is so informative I learned some extra tips and tricks from you 🙂 I also uploaded a How To Get Flawless Foundation makeup tutorial on my channel ✨

  11. EVA SOCORRO says:

    wowww what colour is your hair??? is very nice!

  12. Love your lipstick and great video!

  13. Sharon Selah says:

    You look beautiful with makeup

  14. Eimer Marie says:

    Y'all need to stop with the comments like 'you talk to much' she's trying to explain what she's doing she's giving information don't like her don't watch her,u go girl love your Chanel don't listen to them

  15. i already dont like her

  16. I love your technique and I'm so thrilled that you don't put highlighter on your nose! Thanks for all the tips! 😀

  17. Natalia Rose says:

    love ur hair colour !

  18. toughman101 says:

    ha…most girls look like crap without makeup. to be honest you all should stop wearing make up so guys can see what you really look like. And its nothing special. Imagine if bald men wore toupees lol…they would look super hot too. And that's exactly what you are doing.its ridiculous.

  19. oOoRiellaoOo says:

    Love your videos. Could you do a makeup for glases video?

  20. omg she looks exactly like Ellie goulding!!!

  21. Angie says:

    how did you contour your nose?

  22. Dede Vaughn says:

    have you tried the Fit Me by Maybelline for a drug store liquid concealer? it's incredible and less than 6 USD!

  23. Masey says:

    you look like scream kiwi

  24. Gill N says:

    I keep buying foundation in the wrong colour – every EL counter assistant seems to want to match to my face not body and as a result my face looks grey and pale compared to my body. What shade of double wear are you wearing? I've got Tawny and Ivory Beige but neither seem dark/tanned enough. My colouring is very similar to you. Thanks! X

  25. Jinny says:

    does your blush stay on all day when applying it over powder? 🙂

  26. Ange Fonua says:

    great tutorial but you talk waaaaay too much

  27. Do you recommend wearing primer before wearing the blue cream?

  28. Haley Lyons says:

    Are u wearing color contacts? They are gorgeous!!!Please say u are so I can buy some lol:)

  29. Can you make a video about beginner make up routine?

  30. Vallauris 22 says:

    Omg i love your eye color

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