LUCIA PITTALIS – Makeup Transformations – Celebrity Makeovers

Lucia Pittalis MakeArt
Makeup Artist – Painter

Celebrity Makeovers slide show with some unreleased pictures!

Blues Brothers
Jessica Fletcher
Bette Davis
Queen Elizabeth II
Iggy Pop
Keith Richards
Piero Pelù
Jim Morrison

ModelMua : Lucia Pittalis


  1. Alex Andrade says:

    you are a genius

  2. Make Freddie Mercury please! 😀

  3. Giovanni Sau says:

    Ciao Lucia, sono rimasto molto impressionato dalla tua bravura e vorrei chiederti alcuni consigli per quanto riguarda un makeup. Prossimamente dovrei fare un cosplay e in particolare Mrs. Doubtfire.
    Qualche consiglio??? Ho visto che hai fatto qualcosa di simile con la signora in giallo e con la regina Elisabetta ma sono totalmente inesperto. =D

  4. I was amazed throughout the whole thing. These were incredible!

  5. V0ID says:

    crazy stuff. 🙂 like it

  6. Are you frickin kidding me???!!! Lucia…. You have amazing talent!!! WOW!!! Amazing!!

  7. Cherry Love says:

    Lucia ur just so amazing and talented the best I've seen so far

  8. Greg B. says:

    These are amazing! You have a lot of talent!

  9. dovahkiin511 says:

    U should try going on omegle like that and see the reactions u get

  10. Martina Gail says:


  11. JoeConno says:

    Please do a Rocky totorial I'd love it for Halloween

  12. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Artes Make says:


  14. wowwww i dont believe perfectttt omg

  15. Do you have How To Videos

  16. These were a little creepy especially the Scarface one.

  17. I want to learn this with iwan rheons face

  18. Complimenti, sei davvero bravissima! Fantastica!!

  19. Wow! Lúcia, you are magical!

  20. Jade Lauren says:

    Incredible so talented !!!

  21. Mason C. says:

    You're AMAZING!

  22. You are the best!!! Telia!!!

  23. elèna aleo says:


  24. Mariah cox says:

    wow incredible. you should work in the C.I.A. you are so talented

  25. Vincent C says:

    I think you're better than Pablo

  26. Vincent C says:

    freaking people who put dislikes can't even put lipstick on …

  27. Amaya says:

    sei fotonica….bravissim

  28. MissLuvit101 says:

    Amazing! What kind of makeup and tools do you use?

  29. Holli Boyd says:

    You really shpuld go to town as queen elizabeth

  30. J4YsonPG says:

    they should cast you as Tony Montana and have Al Pacino voice it, unless you can do voices too! 😀

  31. Wow!!!!
    What an incredible talent <3

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