MAC Cosmetics Powders: What’s the difference? Which are best?

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  1. Anu Chaudhry says:

    How thoroughly you explain.thankyou lisa

  2. Working at MAC would be my dream job.

  3. Cece Kwon says:

    I needed this!!! Thanks!!

  4. Thank you so much for this video, you answered all my questions! I love that you go in depth on what its for and how to use it, helps us newbies a lot.

  5. Does anybody know if the select sheer pressed powder has a flashback? Also I have dry skin but I do tend to get oily on my nose and chin sometimes. So can I use this powder for touch-ups and oil control?

  6. what color you have for the mineralize skin finish powder?

  7. Afliana Roth says:

    i am glad i did found your channel. Thank you so much

  8. verry informative. new subby for that

  9. Linda Nava says:

    What shade are you wearing?

  10. hinahues says:

    So, wearing the blot powder WITH a dewy foundation (like studio sculpt foundation or face and body) wouldn't make sense??

  11. All_mine123 says:

    I think you mixed up the NC and NW explanation

  12. THANK YOU!! OMG so helpful.
    So I do not own a single MAC product and was interested in purchasing some setting powder. Thank you!

  13. Alice Vula says:

    Thanks for this informative vid. I like the shade of your lipstick, what are you wearing if you don't mind? Thanks.

  14. What I don't like about MAC Cosmetics is when you walk into one of their stores you go to buy what you want and they start offering you other things you didn't want and everytime I keep telling them i'm not interested I only came for these products ad then they give me lucks like i've shoved it back in thir face lol… Serioulsy why can't they not act something like "that will be such and such, thanks goodbye". If I wanted that extra mascara i'd of mentioned it

  15. Thank you! great video that helps tremndously !

  16. salam succar says:

    Thanks for the helpful info
    Can u do a video of mac lipliner lipstick combinations??

  17. I do not like the mineral, not the studio fix … but what I recommend for oily skin but provide long-lasting color and … sorry for my English is very bad

  18. Ann E. says:

    Subscribed, this is an excellent video, very helpful!

  19. Andrea Dubuc says:

    Thanks !!!! so informative !!

  20. Hi Lisa! I have a quick question. I just bought the Skinfinish Natural (shade: light) yesterday and I want to use it at a setting powder but I'm not sure what kind of brush/applicator I should use to get the application?

  21. Okay10k says:

    Mac tests their cosmetics on animals… I advise going for lush, because they're against animal abuse. If anyone reading this doesn't think it's that important search "animal testing done on human" on youtube

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