Makeup 101 Series – Foundation

Makeup 101 – Foundation Tutorial

There are so many makeup products available in our current market and with the invention of new technology and products, these overwhelming options tend to confuse many woman. Such questions are about the product’s purpose, function, whether it is suitable for your specific skin type, and many more!

After recording several makeup tutorials in the last 2 months, my viewers would send me comments and questions about makeup basics and techniques. So I decided to start a new Makeup 101 series, which teaches all the things I know about makeup and sharing my tips on how to achieve the look that suits you. I’m not professionally trained, but any knowledge that I’ve learned over the years I have shared with my family, friends, and now…You!

I know my videos are always so long, but I feel like there’s sooo much I have to share with each and everyone of you, thanks for your love and support! *kisses & hugs*

Didnt realize that my video is blurry, sorry my lens must have been dirty =(

Products used in this video:
(All Makeup Forever Products are purchased from
-Foundation: Makeup Forever HD # 123
-Primer: Makeup Forever HD #0 (Clear)
-Serum: Makeup Forever Elixer (helps make this matte formula more hydrating especially during the winter)
-Setting Powder: Makeup Forever HD Powder
Mac Stippling #187 ($42- Cant believe I paid that much 4 years ago!!)

Sigma F80- Flat Kabuki ($18)

Sephora Pro Natural Powder Brush #40 (orig. $34, on sale $17)

What I’m wearing:
-Top from Forever
-Necklace a gift
-Bracelet from Tobi (Cable Bracelet)

-Eyeshadow- Elf Mineral in Beachy and Celebrity
-Lipstick- YSL & Makeup Forever


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A little about me…

Like many of you, I’m an ordinary girl with a busy schedule. I have a full time job (40 hours/week in the Banking Industry), 24/7 wife and daughter, but I’ve always managed to squeeze in my love of traveling, and my fascination with fashion and makeup. There are no breaks in life and being a woman is tough in this male dominated world; yet, I feel blessed and lucky to be born a woman. Our ability to multitask and adapt to every day challenges help us to become stronger and more confident. I believe that Confidence makes every woman beautiful.

This video is not sponsored.
All items purchased are made by me.

Video edited by me though iMovie.
Music from iLife/iSounds : Electro Static Accent and Progessive House


  1. phu tran says:

    anybody here noticed the feet on the sofa

  2. Lama Waleed says:

    what about moose foundations?????

  3. What color are you in mac ?

  4. xjuliannaa says:

    New subbie! You're beautiful, I thought you were wearing foundation already!!

  5. simpLymodish says:

    #123, you can see all the items in the description box

  6. What shade of Makeup Forever HD is that?

  7. wish this was a tutorial=(

  8. OliviaJangS2 says:

    I love your lips color, hair, and your outfit('-')/

  9. so ur the olive undertone in MUFE. I think that wud be the best bet for me for the shade. When their site says beige undertones, thats neutral right? Mixture of warm and cool seems like it be beige

  10. kadenjxoxo says:

    Just found your channel, and I love your videos! and you got even more of my support after I read your "little about me" in the despcription bar. Great job! GO WOMEN!(; haha(:

  11. mary tong says:

    I know right! Lol. You look great. Same face from years ago….

  12. mary tong says:

    Hi ly, this is Mary from Sunday school! I stumbled upon your channel because I love watching makeup on youtube. Great job you are doing! Take care 🙂

  13. nice job i've subscribed 🙂 i am 12 years old and i would like you to be my beauty inspiration. i havn't found one foundation or primer that works, neither have i found any brushes. i am new to the make up world. can you give me a few tips???? i would be gladly appreciate it the kirsten 🙂

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